Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Dogs Will "LIGHT UP THE DARK" With These New Products From @NiteIze !

Do you ever put your dogs outside at night to potty one last time before you head to bed?  
Do you ever find yourself wondering or worrying about where they go, when they go out in the dark?  Perhaps they don't come right back inside, or you can't get them to come when you call?
Does this ever cause you worry, concern, or do you ever have to go out looking for them?
I was just introduced to an amazing product line that will help easy your anxiety and worry, if you're stressing about your pets going missing in the dark.
The Nite Ize LED Dog Collars are amazing!  They are thick, made fabulously, easily adjustable (you just pull out the inner light and snip it to the right size), and really do help you see your dog at night.  I did have to read the instructions to figure out how to get them adjusted to the right size...a great reminder to read before you try to do it yourself.  

This product can even help an elderly pet owner to see their pet in the night, in the house, so they don't trip and fall over their beloved doggy.
Both of our dogs looked amazing in their new LED Nite Ize Pet Collars.    These collars come in two colors (orange and red), have reflective strips on them (which is perfect for night walking, with or without the lights being used), and come in three different sizes.  
We also received a couple of their PetLit and SpotLit products, which are great additions to traditional collars, because they too, light up brightly.  Unfortunately, because our dogs are very "FRIENDLY" with each other, these would be chewed off their collars as soon as I put them I will save these for a later date to let them wear.  Maybe when they are a little bit older and a little less frisky!

CLICK HERE to see their Pet Products Line and perhaps NiteIze can help make your life easier, as you care for your furry four legged friends.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!