Sunday, March 17, 2013

These Eggs Will "HATCH" Your Kids Their Own Special Easter Treat!

Easter eggs are pretty novelty, when it comes to spring time & EASTER!  
We color & dye them, we hide them, and we even eat them!  
In fact, people sometimes gift new baby chicks or baby bunnies for Easter gifts.

What if I could share with you a company that offers your children the opportunity to witness the "hatching" process (in sorts), with the end result being a "PET" they don't have to do much for to take care of?  Sounds pretty ideal, right?  In fact, you can hide these eggs for them (make a game of it) and then once they are found, proceed with the "hatching process" to let your kids watch as their surprise emerges from it's own egg home.
We received two packages of Hide'em & Hatch'em Eggs, for our family to try out.
We got them in water and takes 6-12 hours to notice some cracking and changes in the egg.  However, at this point, your egg is not ready to hatch.  We had to wait (a painful...because they were so excited) almost 36 hours before our first "BABY" emerged from it's egg.  
BOY were we excited!  Look at her face!
Then, a few hours later, we had a second emerge...followed shortly by the rest!!  These were super fun, easy to do (basically the water does it for you) and my kids were overjoyed to meet their new "slippery" little wet friend.  
We ended up with two baby bunnies, two baby chicks and two baby ducks!  

CLICK HERE to order yourself some Hide'em & Hatch'em Eggs for your Easter festivities with your kids!  They will love them!  TRUST ME!!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!