Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boutique Clothing From Italy? You'll Say "Ooo La La" To Caffelatteacolazione!

Boutique clothing can cost a bit more than department store clothing for your children...but you'll be paying for the quality & time that is put into each and every piece that is sent out.  
Take it from someone who used to run her own "Custom" Children's Boutique...not only does the person sewing the clothing put their heart and soul into everything they create, but you'll receive a ONE OF A KIND article of clothing too, that you couldn't purchase anywhere else.
I was so excited to receive a package straight from Italy.  
A place I hope to visit, at some point in my lifetime!  
Not only does this boutique offer an amazing (LARGE & VAST) selection of boutique clothing, but their products are going to be unlike anything you can buy in a boutique here in the US.
We received several pieces of Caffelatteacolazione clothing line (sent free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my personal opinion of each piece) and I was saying "Ooo La La" when I pulled out each piece.
Our oldest son received this amazing T-shirt that has raw edges (which really adds character) and is fits different than our traditional t-shirts for boys here in the US.  He actually loved it.  The fabric is super soft and stretchy and it was something he not only didn't want to take off, but will be wearing until it no longer fits him.
Our little guy received an adorable outfit.  The Micro green striped pants with drawstring
 are lounge style with a drawstring waist.  I love the little button detail on the adorable Tunic Linen micro lines, as well as the wider sleeves.  I would definitely say this outfit is uniquely adorable!
Our youngest daughter received this delicate Ecru Knit dress & Liberty set.  This dress is perfect for the hot coming summer months ahead.  The knitted top is stretchy and airy and the light floral print bottom will keep her looking pretty, but comfortable too.  Plus, it comes with a matching headband/head scarf, that adds the perfect touch to this beautiful dress.
Finally, our oldest daughter received another amazing Romantic dress gray flowers.  This one has a ruffle tie sash (that she absolutely loved) instead of a headband/scarf.  I love the button down back and again, this fabric is perfect for summer because it's light and airy too.  

If you're in the market for something unique, something different and something you can say you BOUGHT in ITALY...then you HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS ONLINE STORE (CLICK HERE)!!  She has an amazing shop full of lovely & unique to the US items that your kids will be fondly noticed when they wear them out and about.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!