Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Five Hot Color Trends: What Do Hues Say About You? From @Lightinthebox

Have you ever wondered what the "COLORS" you wear might say about you?  
Here's a chance to be clued in a little bit more about what statement your COLOR will make for you!

LightInTheBox.com – the chic within reach site for special occasion dresses at up to 80% off retail – offers you a sneak peek into five hot color trends for Spring/Summer 2013, as well as insight into what the color hues you select says about your personality and style!
Alluring red has been turning heads for centuries as it exudes a woman’s passion, sexiness and confidence.  If you are looking to make a bold and dramatic statement, then set the room on fire in red!
You no longer have to be just Pretty in Pale Pink – it’s now time to up the vibe in glamorous fuschia!  Named after the flower of the Fuschia plant, fuschia is a playful, fresh and flirty color that gives any style dress more pop and pizzazz!
Hello sunshine!  A sweet, cheerful, fresh, and airy color, you’ll never be in a bad mood wearing easy-breezy yellow!
Being the color of the sky and water, blues hues have long been known for tranquility and balance.  Kick it up a notch with electrifying and vivacious cobalt blue and you’ll be making all new waves in your wardrobe.
Once a very risky color to wear, emerald green is now making a strikingly bold entrance into the fashion world.  Shades of green have always symbolized nature and balance, but it’s emerald in all its beauty & boldness that makes others green with envy.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I will be compensated onlly by a custom fitting dress sent on behalf of Light In The Box.com for a review/feature!