Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just Snackin' On Seaweed - @SeaSnax ® Thrilled Our Tastebuds!

Do you like to snack?  What's your favorite thing to snack on?  Something sweet?  Something salty?  Something soft or crunchy?  
This family likes to snack on all sorts of when the box of SeaSnax® products arrived at our house for us to sample, I was curious what the kids would think of eating "seaweed" as a snack.  

Our oldest daughter loves seaweed on California rolls, so I figured she wouldn't mind the distinct flavor that it brings...and honestly, she found herself almost inhaling a whole pack of SeaSnax®.  
She really liked the Onion flavor.

However, the oldest and two youngest weren't huge fans of the flavor or texture.
Mommy loved the SeaSnax®.  Not sure I would sprinkle some on my ice cream...but I will eat it out of the bag...because the coconut flavor did taste more like coconut than seaweed.  
The only downside that we found with these SeaSnax® products is that you'll be tasting the SeaSnax® all day...both my oldest daughter and myself, found that we were burping up the flavor the rest of the day. 

We will be snacking on more SeaSnax®, because we loved the taste, the flavors, and the fact that it's a healthy snacking option for our family.

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I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!