Monday, April 1, 2013

@LightInTheBox Just Made Me Feel Like The Belle Of The Ball In My New Custom Ball Gown!

It's been 17 years since I've needed to buy a "FORMAL" ball gown.  When I was in high school, my senior formal dress cost around $100 and it didn't fit my body "perfectly", but I felt pretty in it anyway.      How much MORE comfortable, gorgeous and perfect would I have looked...if the dress I wore was CUSTOM FIT perfectly (custom designed) to fit me (and especially if it didn't cost much more)?
I have news for you high school goers, who still have proms and formals to shop for...I found a company that not only has one of the biggest, largest selections of formal wear I've seen...but they can also CUSTOM FIT your dress to your exact body measurements...because we know that all ladies are unique and different.
This box came today...and at first, I wasn't sure what was inside...but HOLY MOLY was I excited when I got to see the elegant beauty that was folded so neatly in this box. is the chic within reach site known for its unique “made-to-order” special occasion dresses – that are all up to 80% off every single day.  “Made-to-order” means that LITB dresses are not machine made and sitting in a warehouse.  The dress is only made once l the order is place.  What makes LITB different than other online sites is that the offer the ability for customers to provide their exact measurement to have a dress made to custom-fit her figure beautifully (cost for custom sizing in only an additional $29.99 – which save hundreds of dollars on costly alterations if purchased at a store, or another online dress site!

After watching the video online and taking my measurements correctly, I submitted all my information and only 3 1/2 weeks later, this CUSTOM FITTING ball gown arrived... the 

Sheath/Column Sweetheart Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dress 

Words cannot express how gorgeous I feel in this dress!  Seriously...aside from my wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress or two, I haven't worn a "GOWN" of this quality in over 17 years.  
Plus, this one fits every curve on my UNIQUE body perfectly.  I LOVE IT!!  I also love that, for a strapless dress, it's modest and has built in wrap around bra straps, which holds it into place.  This is great, because I don't have to continue pulling the dress up while I'm wearing it.
The bodice has amazing sequin and beading...that brings a little "BLING" to it and the color just makes me feel amazing!
CLICK HERE...and check out the overwhelming selection of dresses you can choose from.  Seriously, you have to order several weeks in advance (for an event), but it's worth the wait!  The dress will arrive to you, at your door, ready to wear, and should fit you PERFECTLY!  Mine does!! find some RED CARPET event to wear it too...

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!