Monday, April 29, 2013

Rest Easy With This Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitor MBP41 - Exclusively At @BabiesRUs

When I had my first baby...I had "THE WORLD'S WORST" baby monitor.  I was living in an apartment complex and I think I got more sounds being streamed in from other apartments, than my little guy's actual room.  It was so bad...I never really used it...because at times, it actually scared me, when I would hear a man's voice (obviously coming from another apartment telephone), crossing lines with my monitor.


So when I receive products like the one I am about to tell you about...I am totally BLOWN AWAY!! parents now days, can seriously have far more peace of mind and comfort in knowing that their baby is A-OK in their bedrooms at night with baby monitor systems like this:
The Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor MBP41 (only at BabiesRUs) is in my opinion...about as GOOD AS IT GETS when it comes to baby monitors.  This thing has all the bells and whistles...and even more than that!  
(This system was sent free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to give my honest opinion on the product).
This "WATCH THEM DREAM" system is simply amazing!  
It's super easy to set up.  
It is super easy to use.  
It's super easy to LOVE & USE all the time with your new baby!!
I had the system set up in about 5 minutes.  A few things that I really liked about this system in particular is the fact that the hand held monitor is like a little remote control (besides being a viewing screen).  You can actually move the camera around the room (to get a different perspective on things) in all different directions and you can tilt, pan and zoom.
The hand held monitor has a crystal clear picture and sound too.  Plus, it allows you to RESPOND to the baby or child ( can sing to them, talk to them,etc.) and it will warn you if you are OUT OF RANGE!  SERIOUSLY...I'm not joking when I say this has all the bells and whistles.
Plus, it has infared NIGHT you can clearly see your child in a dark room...almost perfectly.  Especially since night time is when new parents panic the most about their child's safety, breathing and sleep patterns...this monitor is going to be their favorite sidekick.  And you can pair it with up to FOUR cameras.  So almost every room in your house can be, if you choose to, be monitored through this system.  
How awesome is that?

As if you aren't already blown away by all the amazing details & functions of this Motorola Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor MBP41 system...I was blown away by the price!  I was expecting something like this to be far more than $300.  But right now, you can purchase this exact system at BabiesRUs for $169.99!

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I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!