Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The "Mega Seat" Offers Comfortable Seating To The Little Ones That Matter Most!

It seems that most babies are in a big hurry to GROW UP!  Have you noticed?  That baby stage seems to be the stage they grow out of the quickest.  In a way, it always makes me sad and happy...when they start reaching those milestones.  Learning to hold their heads up, learning to sit up on their own, and even learning to crawl.  It seems to happen in a blink of the eye.  
Trust me...been there, done that, four times over.  It happens so fast!

I received a sample of the "MEGA SEAT", which is similar to a seating option I had when my youngest was a little guy.  He loved this style seat!  It made him feel "SO BIG"!  Always saw lots of smiles when he was able to sit in it by himself and chat with me!
The things that I like most about the Mega Seat...is the lap belt.  That is one thing that our little guys "seating" didn't have.  I ways always afraid he was either going to get out on accident or get out on his own.  Even if it's sitting on the floor...you don't want them to "get out" on their own...because they could cause injury to themselves.
I also like that it's super easy to clean up...because of the material that it's made from, it's squishy (so if there are arms a flapping in excitement or legs a kicking...it's not going to hurt them.
It's sturdy and stable!  It's totally functional and perfect for floor time play with mommy or daddy.  You can set them in this Mega Seat and get your eye to eye contact...while they feel "SO BIG" in their Mega Seat!

CLICK HERE to order yours from Walmart.com
You can even order the optional tray, and use this as a snack or mealtime chair as well.  And it comes in three bright fun colors! How cool is that?

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