Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Johnson And Johnson "For All You Love" ... Who Do You Love? #ForAllYouLove #ad

They say it makes the world go round!  
I my little world that is true!  

There are four little people that I love more than LIFE itself!  I would do anything, give anything, sacrifice anything to protect them and to help them grow to know that they are LOVED!!  The moment I heard their heartbeat for the first time, the moment I felt their first kicks (from the inside out), the moment I saw their profile on the ultrasound machine, the moment I saw their faces for the very first time...they stole more heart in a way that no-one but a mom can truly understand!
Johnson & Johnson (a brand we all know and trust) just launched a campaign called "FOR ALL YOU LOVE" and I am so excited to share about it with you!
Did you know that Johnson & Johnson is recognizing their commitment to the health and well-being of moms and kids worldwide, J&J planning to donate $25K this Mother's Day to Save the Children®:!

In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, JOHNSON’S® Baby has established JOHNSON’S® Baby CARES Care Cards, a digital e-card platform encouraging moms to share positive messages of encouragement with other moms across the country, while simultaneously supporting Save the Children®.  
You can help, too!  
Simply pick and share a card filled with messages of reassurance for a Mom in your life on Facebook at For every card sent, shared or liked, JOHNSON’S®  Baby will donate $1.00 to Save the Children® (up to $150,000) to benefit early childhood education programs that foster education and reassurance for new moms. These cards will not only spread encouragement to Moms throughout the country but will also provide Moms in need with the skills and knowledge to successfully support their child’s growth.

There are so many wonderful things to check out from Johnson & Johnson...
So CLICK HERE to check out the "For All You Love" campaign.
And CLICK HERE for the "Baby CARES Care Card" program.

All opinions in this post are my own personal opinion!  I will be compensated $125 on behalf of Johnson & Johnson for posting about these two campaigns they are launching!