Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OUR SNEAK PEEK: "American Girl - Saige Paints The Sky" DVD

My girls are gaga for all things AMERICAN GIRL!  
If you remember last year, we hosted a party, with all things AMERICAN GIRL and watched the movie for 2012 "McKenna - Shoot For the Stars" 
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And my girls were "THROUGH THE ROOF" excited to have the chance to help me "review" this movie before it's released to the public!!  
(This "screening" DVD was sent free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about this new movie)
We popped popcorn, they snuggled in a blanket and the movie got started!!  
As with all American Girl movies, there are always positive things in the movie that inspire our "AMERICAN GIRLS" to be courageous, overcome their fears and "Paint The Sky" with their talents and gifts!
Jane Seymour stars as "Grandma Mimi" and Saige, who is nine years old (just like my oldest daughter).  In fact, our oldest daughter could relate to the character, because she, herself, loves to draw as well.  She could also relate with her about her "friend" issues, as Saige she feels her friendship with Tessa is not the same, when she starts spending more time with a new friend (who likes to sing) instead of with her.  
When Saige finds out that the art program is being cut (her favorite class), she has to find the courage inside herself to save the art program (in a very creative way) and also her friendship with Tessa.  
She also makes a couple new friends along the way!
As a mommy, watching the movies with my girls, one of the things I noticed and love, was the music!  They cast some truly talented young ladies to play these roles!  I love that they teach the girls, through the stories, how to work through HARD THINGS in life and come out on the POSITIVE SIDE!!  Your girls will get emotional with the characters of the movie and excited with them too!
It definitely got my girl's THUMBS UP approval!

This movie is available for purchase on July 2nd...and if you have an AMERICAN GIRL in your house, this is definitely a MUST HAVE for your collection!  Your girls will love this movie!  

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I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the "SCREENING" DVD that was sent for review/feature!