Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Day At Aquatica San Diego - Fun In The Sun And The Water!

When it's hot, and today was a HOT do you like to spend your summertime fun with your kids?   
Perhaps you can spend a day doing something extra special with your kids? 
(We were provided 6 complimentary tickets for admittance to the park for this review/feature on behalf of Aquatica of Sea World and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about our time at the park!)
My kids (aside from one daughter) had personally never gone to a "WATER PARK" before...until today!
After receiving complimentary tickets to visit their new AQUATICA San Diego Sea World Water Park, we drove to Chula Vista, CA today, to check out the park, enjoy some fun in the sunshine and some thrills in the water...LITERALLY!!
Upon entrance into the park, we were immediately met with amenities that made our day at Aquatica a true, "worry free" pleasure for us to experience.  Lockers were available (and conveniently located throughout the park) for storage of our clothing, shoes, wallets, etc.  Life vest racks were also located throughout the park, so that when we felt it necessary, the kids would be able to VEST UP!  Yes...they even have Starbucks coffee available for a PICK ME UP (and after hours at a water park, once can definitely use one) and Water Bottle refill stations for you to easily refill your water bottles and avoid dehydration in the sun and heat!
We also got to see some pretty amazing animals!  Nothing like the zoo...but these flamingos are beautiful and so interesting to watch!  They have amazing balance!  We also enjoyed watching the Freshwater turtles swimming and sunbathing!  It looked like they were enjoying their day too!
Yes, there are shops at Aquatica too!  The kids had fun browsing through the stores and trying on a few "silly things" they found!  No...we didn't buy any souvenirs this time, but we had a great time looking!
But the best part about our time at the park was definitely spending time in the water on all their fun slides, rides and attractions!  SERIOUSLY...there wasn't a dull moment!  Yes, the water was cold and the breeze was too (at times), but it didn't stop us from having some serious fun!  I got some decent pictures on a few of the rides, but because we were having so much fun "just enjoying our time", and because I didn't bring a waterproof camera, I hope I can do justice to some of the fun we had!
We arrived at the park at just past "OPENING" (10:00 am) and we left the park at 4:30ish!  
We were tired, the kids didn't want to leave, but our day was full of memories we will not soon forget!
If you live in the San Diego area or are looking for a place to visit when you are vacationing in the San Diego area...I would highly recommend the Aquatica San Diego Sea World Water Park!  It was clean, so much fun, and we were so very entertained all day long!  
There was never a dull moment in our fun time!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this park and to order tickets for your family to go!

The kids are already begging to go back!  TRUST was that much fun!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!