Sunday, June 9, 2013

@Snails4kids - SAFE NAILS POLISH for Little Girls That Is 100% WASHABLE Too!

Having little girls is so much fun!  
Pretty bows, earrings and even painted nails...girls love all things pretty!  
At least my two girls do!
So I was delighted to learn about a nail polish company that I wished I had learned about a lot sooner...when they were littler!  When everything went into their mouths, including their prettily painted finger nails.  This company takes their "well being" into play when they created their nail polish that washes away with water, but gives little girls the chance to EXPRESS themselves colorfully!
These "SAFE NAILS" nail polishes arrived, in a pretty little package.  
(These products were sent free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about these products!)
Each bottle has a cute little bow tied around them too!  
They look almost exactly like "MOMMY'S" nail polishes!
The colors are bright, girly and super fun!  
And my girls love having their nails painted and changing the colors over and over again!
Best of all, the polish washes away with just a little soap & water.  
Seriously, that's all it takes, because the polish is made from three main ingredients: 
So that means that it's not really LONG LASTING, but truly SAFE for your girls to use when they are finding their feminine side...or playing dress up with their friends!
They even have little "remover" wipes, to make them feel BIG and GROWN UP...just like mommy!

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I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!