Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Summer... "COOL OFF" with Cool Off!

HEAT!  The summer heat can be scorching hot, depending on where you live!  If you're active and outside a lot during the summer months, you need a way to stay & remain cool, despite the broiling hot air!

What do you do?  Do you walk around with a water bottle and spray yourself?  Have you installed misters on your patio?  Do you carry an ICE COLD water bottle with you wherever you go?
(I was sent these products free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about the products being featured!)
How about carrying a "COOL OFF" Towelette?  
At first, I'll be honest, I was a little leery about these towelettes!  Why?  Well, they say that they will keep you cool for up to an hour!  How they do that?  The towelette is infused with 17 cooling and therapeutic herbs, botanicals and essential oils.  Made me tingle just thinking about it!

But honestly, after pushing the lawn mower in the front and back yard, weed eating and blowing the mess away, I was ready for some COOLING ACTION!  I needed some relief and I needed it NOW!  And trust me, I'll need this all summer long...whether I'm doing yard work, being the lifeguard at the pool or doing pool cleaning/maintenance!  The heat can slow you down and this mommy has to keep GOING!
Guess what?  They work!  They really do!  
It cooled me down almost immediately (at touch) and my skin was a bit tingly (and you can smell the herbs), but I never got sticky or uncomfortable!  It felt refreshed and I did COOL OFF with these towelettes!  

CLICK HERE to learn more about Cool Off products and maybe you should keep some in your purse (for hot car rides or yard work in the heat)!  They work wonders & will really cool you down in the hot summer temperatures!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!