Sunday, June 2, 2013

@vizardz3D - The Most Personalized and Unique Night Light...LOVE IT!

As you know, I'm a mommy that loves "all things" personalized!  I am finding that there are more and more companies that are offering products that cater to, not only MY desire for that type of product, but so many other mommies, grandma's, aunties and even friends!  
I was delighted to learn about Vizardz company!  They create the most amazing pieces of artwork that are actually USABLE around the home!  These are wonderful pieces that you'll cherish forever and will mean more than just a "little something" when they are given as a gift!
I was able to do a review of their NIGHT LIGHT - and I was nervous, because there was really no way to preview the way it would turn it!  I sent in this picture (see below): 
and prayed that the finished product would be even more amazing (IN LIGHT) than the snapshot I sent in.  
Sure enough, this little box arrived and I opened it up to find this:
It was really hard to tell what it looked like until it was plugged into the wall and LIT UP!!  OH MY GOODNESS!  AMAZING!  It's such a clear picture!  I love this!  Seriously...I couldn't think of a more precious way to display my family...IN LIGHT!!  
It's "SOFT" in appearance, it's fragile (so I'm a bit protective over it), but the good news is, a replacement can be made for $19 if this happens to get broke on accident.  It also means I can update as the kid's change and grow!!  LOVE IT!

What a wonderful gift idea too!  
CLICK HERE to see what else they offer...because this is only a start!!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!