Friday, July 5, 2013

A Fun Way To Teach Your Kids To Brush - @FireFlyTB "Ready, Go, Brush"

Teaching your kids to brush their teeth, and to do it the right way, can sometimes be a challenge! With four kids, I've tried the best I can, to encourage them to brush twice a day (at least) and to do it RIGHT!  I would have to say, my oldest son and youngest daughter are probably the MASTERS of "shorting" their brushing...just because they like to rush!
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But what if there was a fun way, using some of their favorite characters, to encourage your kids to brush for the recommended amount of time, twice a day?
FireFly Toothbrushes and their Fluoride Foam Toothpaste offers your children just the tools they need to get those teeth pearly white everyday!'s all in good fun!
These products are (ADA) American Dental Association Accepted!
The toothpaste is foam that is squirted directly into the mouth.  My little guy loves the taste and texture, the older three, were not huge fans!
Then you push the button and press for 1 minute of fun flashing, teeth brushing fun!  
Then, you push the button a second time, for 1 more minute of fun flashing, teeth brushing fun!  
Bottom Row!
I love this idea, because there are many times, I am not able to stand in the bathroom and make sure they are brushing for the right amount of time, every time!  This is a great way for them to be accountable to themselves!  Plus, the toothbrushes have some of my children's favorite characters, which makes them even more fun to brush with!

CLICK HERE to learn more about these FireFly Ready Go Brush Toothbrushes and Foam Toothpaste! Your kids will have fun brushing and you'll feel good about them doing it right...the first time!

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