Monday, December 23, 2013

Help Your Kids TRACK Santa...As He Delivers Presents To Good Boys And Girls...

If you haven't done it before...or maybe it's your yearly tradition with the kids (in our house it is), you should check out:
(click the logo above to head over to their site)
You can check out "The Jolly Man in a Red Suit" minute by minute location status and updates as he delivers presents all over the world!  It's so much fun!  There are games and activities you can do while you're waiting to see where his next move will be! You can watch videos with your kids!  You can anticipate when he will be your kids understand when it's really BED TIME!   It really is a great way to have them extra excited on Christmas Eve (day and night)!  They will be tracking Santa all day long!

What's Santa's ETA at your house??