Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sandy Hook Elementary - 1 Year Later

I remember the day, as we watched the news and learned the fatal details of the horrific shooting that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I remember being so anxious that day (I couldn't pick them up soon enough) to pick the kids up from school that day, to hug them tightly and praise the LORD for the protection over them that day (and everyday)!

Oddly enough, we (our own little family) had (just a few months prior) just moved from Trumbull, CT (only a couple towns away from this town and school) and we had a first grade daughter!  I could truly sympathize with those parents who lost their precious babies that day!  Sweet six year old's just like our spunky daughter!  So full of life, of energy and so pure & innocent!  My heart broke into a million pieces, relating to how those parents...who were preparing in their own homes for Christmas, didn't have their precious babies to celebrate with on Christmas morning or any other morning after!  
Oh how my heart is still grieving for them!  
So many innocent lives lost...

It's been a year already (WOW), and I am certain that it's not any easier for those parents to prepare for Christmas this year...or the families who lost "BRAVE" teachers and faculty who tried their hardest to protect those innocent lives!

May the LORD bring peace into each life and into that community in Connecticut!
May they feel HIS protection and LOVE...especially today!
We will never forget!