Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We've Been Invaded...By Puppet Monsters And Imagination Is A Must!

Actually, just by one Puppet Monsters puppet, but...
WE'VE BEEN INVADED and we like it!!
What is a Puppet Monsters puppet you ask?
It's honestly an adorable, fun to create, plush, easy to take apart & put together puppet that your kids are going to love playing with.
Not only does it come with many pieces, which makes it truly something your child can put it's personality and imagination into, but it will provide hours of PURE entertainment...as they play, wear and put together their favorite Puppet Monsters Puppet.
We received "JUMBO EYES" and our youngest son was immediately in LOVE!!  It was, what some call, "at first sight".  He was curious how he worked, what he did, etc.  It was fun to explain to him...that making him work was totally up to him...because he needed his imagination and creativity to come together and function.
Once he figured it out...and how to put his JUMBO EYES together the way he wanted him to look...they had a blast together.  Even the dogs were intrigued by this new Puppet Monsters Puppet.

I am so excited that we not only get to enjoy JUMBO EYES for our family...but I get to extend a giveaway of another "PUPPET MONSTERS puppet" to one of my LUCKY One Bored Mommy Readers!!


CLICK HERE to learn more about Puppet Monsters and order some for perhaps Easter or just because...and if you use the promo code PUPPET at check out you can save an extra $5 off.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hit Some Healthy Milestones With "MOVABLE"

Everyone "desires" to be healthier, right?  No one wants an unhealthy heart!  Though sometimes, the effort it takes to reach those goals are not only uncomfortable (sometimes downright painful), but also limits our ability to freely live as we would like.  Making healthy choices in our diet is never easy...because, it's common knowledge that "UNHEALTHY" food just tastes better.  But when it all boils down to it...how hard can getting healthy be?

I just learned about a new program that makes "reaching healthy milestones" almost as simple as strapping on a watch and doing your daily routine.
I am definitely a mommy that is motivated by visual stimulation.  If I see changes or can "MONITOR" how much effort I am putting into something...it seems to motivate me even more.  That's why a system like this is perfect for me.  Plus, it's all about working together (with friends or family) to motivate each other too.  It's always easier to "work out" when you're doing it with SOMEONE and not alone.
When activated...it tracks your movements and your successes!
You simply register for an account & set up your profile and goals...
Charge it up...
Put it on your wrist...(and get to moving)

and then finally, give yourself some credit as you reach your goals.  Pretty soon...you will be seeing (because your band will be filling up with colorful rewards)...the true effort you have put into it.

It's sad...but even now days, our children are requiring some extra help getting motivated towards physical fitness & overall healthy activity.  Most kids would rather play video games than get out and jump rope.  This system will work for them too.  My daughter's have already been pestering me to let them wear my MOVABLE system.  They love the colorful MOVBAND and especially the fact that they too can see how much activity they have put forth in a day.  It's all about visual motivation!

Want to learn more about MOVABLE and perhaps consider this system for you or your family...to motivate you to reach some healthy milestones this year...by simply LIVING?  
CLICK HERE and check it out!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lifesize Portion Control - No More DIETING To Lose Weight?

Weight loss!  It's a battle of mind over matter!  Truly...it's one of the most grueling struggles that some of us can have.  
A lifetime, lifelong, lifesize challenge!!

I was excited to learn about a program that doesn't change, really, the foods that you eat...but the amount!  It's all about portion control!!  
Lifesize Portion Control offers DVD tools, measuring tools, and even charting tools to encourage you to meet your weight loss goals with ease!  It doesn't mean starving yourself!  It's so easy!  It doesn't mean giving up the foods you love to eat!  It doesn't mean taking pills or adding things to your food...to help you loose weight. 
It truly is about HOW MUCH you are eating!  I believe that, as American's who love a VALUE MENU, we find ourselves thinking..."I'll get an extra burger, it will only cost a dollar more!"  But do we really need that extra burger?  Are we hungry?  Does our body need that?  Or are we just eating to eat?
This program will change the way you look at eating, whether you are overweight or not!  It will transform how you think, when you're scooping a heaping helping of mashed potatoes on your plate.  When you pick the biggest steak in the meat section of the grocery store.  When you eye that cheesecake and have two helpings instead of just one.  Adding to many toppings to your baked potato.
Having these tools sitting on your counter top, encouraging you to watch how much you are consuming...is going to make a difference.  Even if you don't get it PERFECT, you'll see a difference.  You'll see a difference in how you feel too!  I mean, none of us feel good about OVEREATING...just we find ourselves doing it all the time.
They also offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee...

CLICK HERE to head over and learn more about Lifesize Portion Control and how this could help your family find a healthy way of staying on top of your eating habits.  It has changed so many people's lives already!  

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Urban Sparrow - Jewelry Designed And Inspired By You!

As you know...my four children are four of my proudest accomplishments!  I am truly a blessed mommy and I love to share with the world (without saying a word sometimes) that I have four amazing kids!  
How is that possible?  
With a piece of "CUSTOM JEWELRY" of course!
When a friend of mine told me about Urban Sparrow (they create hand stamped custom jewelry), I was curious about their company.  Their logo "the art of living in the moment" seemed to captivate me.  Coming from a mommy who loves to have things planned out, living in the moment is really not me by nature!  I have a hard time, sometimes, with just being FREE!!  Perhaps this introduction to this company was happening for a reason!!  Perhaps...in this phase of my life, learning to let go (a little or a lot) is the perfect lesson to be learned!
So, after corresponding with them over e-mail, giving them some personal information about the kids, their birthday's, what is going on with me, etc...they STARTED working on my personalized and INSPIRED piece of jewelry.  Honestly...I was curious what they would come up with!  Having looked at their "in stock" gems, I had a feeling I would be very excited about the finished product!
They couldn't have done a better job putting a piece of jewelry together for me.  I LOVE IT!  The only "small" change I would have made, is putting the girl's name charm in the middle of the boys.  However, I think they did it this way, so it would hang right on my neck.  I love the heart charm too...because my four beautiful babies truly capture my heart...every single day!
Regardless...this necklace is PERFECT...just the way it is!  
Plus,  it's the perfect thing for me to wear, when my kids are not "near to me", and I will always feel close to them!  This necklace arrived at the perfect time!
I was beyond impressed by the quality, personal touch (I honestly had no idea what this piece of jewelry would look like until it was done) and customer service (excellent client communication) that Urban Sparrow offers!  I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking personalized "custom" jewelry for themselves, their mom's, grandma's, aunts, or even friends!!  

YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG ordering something special from them!

CLICK HERE to head over to their site and get started, in the process of personalizing something special...just for you!  Perhaps you will learn to appreciate the "the art of living in the moment" too!

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I Love Them...National Love Your Pet Day!

That's right...you know, you have to love all the quirky reasons they have to celebrate a special "DAY" of the year.  Today, February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day!  

I'm not kidding...you can check it out here:  CLICK HERE

So in honor of that...I wanted to share a picture of our two furry LOVES!!  
These two are my real life "SCOOBY DOO" and SCRAPPY DOO"!

Trooper (our 8 month old puppy) and Jade (our two year old) keep us busy, entertained and always offer a furry body to love on when we are happy, sad or just feel like petting something soft.  They offer me protection (they look terrifying, right?), devoted love (dogs give unconditional love) and companionship!  

I LOVE this terrible two-some!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cellnique - Taking Skincare Seriously...

I've told you once and I'll tell you again...I have neglected my skin!  
I should have been doing a "daily regime" of skincare treatment back in my early years (late teen, early twenties)...but I thought to myself, "I'll never get wrinkles".  HA!  If only...only, there was some way to go back...or at least HIT THE PAUSE button on the aging process that's already began.

Lucky for me...there are some skincare lines that take SKIN seriously.  

Cellnique is one of them! 
I received two of their products to review...which I was very excited to learn more about and see some serious results.
The first is the Intensive Hydrating Complex.  This is (as the label suggests) an intensive hydrating facial moisturizer.  Because it hydrates, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Again, I only noticed minimal changes, which could be...because I don't have noticeable enough fine lines and wrinkles, or because it only changed it minimally.  Regardless, I would continue using this complex, because my skin feels UBER moisturized and I know that has to be a good thing...especially for my face.
The second is the Contour De-Puffy Jewel Gel.  This product is intended to help with reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes (HEAVEN KNOWS I HAVE THOSE).  This product is pretty much odorless and absorbs quickly.  Honestly, because I have been sick and using the product, I haven't noticed much difference under my eyes...but I am hopeful that if I continue to use the product, it can only HELP my cause! My skin does feel much more hydrated and smoother in the areas I've applied it...so that can only be a good thing!

Though I didn't see "MAJOR" results...I was very pleased with both products and would definitely suggest them to you as well.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Cellnique Skincare Line...and see if there are some products that might be perfect for your own personal "anti-aging" campaign!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh "mOmma" We Love These Cups - Now At TARGET!

Sippy cups are have been a common thing around our house for many, many years now!  Not only do they prevent spills (which makes this mommy very happy), but they are easy to "take along" with us on outings and trips.  

We have used mOmma brand cups in the past...in fact, our little guy was a huge fan!! 
(SEE PICTURES BELOW of him trying it out for the first time!)
And because of that, we were very excited to learn that this brand, that we have come to know as a reliable brand we love, is now being sold at my favorite store...TARGET!!
That's right...they just launched their two award winning cups:

So if you're in the market for some new sippy cups...take some advice from this mOmma and buy a few of these to have handy for your little one!  You will be happy that you did! CLICK HERE to order online or look for them at your nearest Target Store.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

MyHeadCoverings.com - Your One Stop ONLINE Hair Shop!

As you know...with two daughters, and a mommy that loves hair pretties too...we love finding places with reasonably priced hair accessories!  
And let me tell you...the trendier, the better too!  
I was so excited to browse the selection (they have just about every single thing you can think of) of www.myheadcoverings.com.
I was even more excited when a package arrived with an assortment (a sample) of some of their amazing products for me and the girls to check out!
This Flower Pony Holder/Pin, comes with a double duty.  You can easily put it in your hair (as you see my daughter wearing), or add a cute touch to a cardigan or plain blouse/skirt.  
And HEAVEN'S YES...the PRICE is right at only $2.99!
This DaCee Designs: Sequin Swirl Pre-tied Bandana  is perfect for those days when my hair is just not "working for me".  I can still look put together and head out to shop or run errands, without having to fuss much over my hair.  
It's only $9.99, plus...I could double as a "fortune teller" wearing this pre-tied bandana.  Hee Hee!
How adorable and how EASY to PUT ON is this Tye Dye Soft Wide Headband , which my youngest daughter absolutely loves??  It will help keep her hair out of her eyes and add a cute touch of personality to whatever she decides to wear.  
For only $5.99, this headband was a hit!
And yes...they even have an assortment of fun "COSTUME" Jewelry.  These amazing 5 Piece Metal and String Bangle Set  are the perfect addition to "fancy up" any outfit! 
 For only $5.99, I can think of so many ways these bracelets will help me complete an outfit for play or even church.

I honestly haven't even scratch the surface though...of the selection that www.myheadcoverings.com offers!! YOU NEED TO CLICK HERE to see their entire selection of hair accessories and more!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Ketchup Survey - (1) Grand PRIZE Winner Comes Straight From My Site!

Ketchup is a condiment that is an ABSOLUTE must in our home!  In fact, I keep extra's in the cupboard, because we go through it so quickly...

But have you ever read the label on your bottle of ketchup?  Do you know what ingredients your family is putting in their bodies...just to add flavoring to hamburgers, french fries and other foods you would use ketchup on??

Click here to take survey  (should only take a few minutes)

One Grand Prize Winner, from those of you who take the survey (from this blog only), WILL WIN:
Four jars of our ketchup (the brand is a FUN MYSTERY)
Fun tattoos for the kids 
& mini porcelain serving ramekins. 

All participants, in this survey, get a $1-off coupon!!

So...what are you waiting for?  GET BUSY and help them learn more about your ketchup needs...and score a coupon and possibly the GRAND PRIZE 

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Movie Night...Thanks To "BIG G" Cereal And DreamWorks Animation DVD Samplers..Plus A #Giveaway

We love having "Movie Night's" in our house!  It's kind of of our thing to do...on weekend nights, when we want to spend a low key evening, just snuggling & cuddling, and giggling too!
We were so excited to receive a huge gift pack (sent by MyBlogSpark), that gives us a night of hilarious entertainment...and even some sweet and salty treats too!  

Plus, we got a sneak peek (book version) of the new movie "The Croods"!

Pretty sure that most of these cereals could be found on your kid's "favorites" list...at least a few of them are on my kid's list!  
Would you be interested in winning the same GIFT PACK we received??
Your gift pack will contain:
Set of 4 DreamWorks Animation DVD samplers
The Croods: Grub's Survival Book
The Croods: Movie Novelization Book
Film Reel tin filled with some of your favorite movie theater treats
Combined Retail Value: $53


I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products, sent by MyBlogSpark on behalf of General Mills.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...

Wishing you a day full of smiles, giggles and lots of love too!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SPRING Arrived In Our Bathroom - Thanks Clark + Kensington

Remember how I just told you that I received a complimentary gallon of Clark + Kensington Premium Paint (I picked out the Apple Tart in Satin finish), so that we could give our home a FRESH SPRING update...?  

If you don't...CLICK HERE to refresh your memory!!

Well, today...with the help of my parents (because I am honestly a horrible "prep the room to paint" & painter), we painted the downstairs bathroom together!  
As you can see...I had done a PINTEREST project on this wall, several months ago and though I loved it...I was okay seeing it go...with the bright & fun new color of the NOW updated walls!
The paint went on great!  In fact, the built in primer made it super easy to cover over the metallic gold paint, that could have been quite a challenge to hide...with the wrong paint.
After a few hours of work...this bathroom is bright, cheerful and ready for SPRING.  

I apologize for the color of the pictures, but the flash on my camera is broke and there is no window in this bathroom for natural light.  I did the best I could to capture the color!  

I was very impressed with the quality of Clark + Kensington Premium paint!  I would recommend this paint to anyone looking to update a room, or every room in their house!  You will not be disappointed and you will be singing it's praises...because it does help you skip the priming steps for painting the walls in your home!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!