Saturday, March 30, 2013

NUNUNU Clothing - Spring/Summer 2013 Line

We were so excited to receive samples from the NUNUNU 2013 Spring/Summer clothing line...
Their line is cutting edge, offers a little bit of giggles and some attitude too!
And trust me, our little guy is not only super hip and trendy in these clothes...
but super COMFORTABLE & 100% cotton too.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this line!
Check out their facebook page too: CLICK HERE

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New Adorable "Embelle Baby" Bibs...You Have To See Them!

Baby bibs are multi-purpose...right?  They keep outfits from getting messy (from food), from getting drooled on (during the teething stages of life), and they can also add a little "GIGGLE" to meal time too!
I love Embelle Baby Bibs...they never cease to make me smile.  Just makes me wish I had a cutie pie to put them on...

We received a few samples of their new cute looks:
and after looking through their new ones...I found a couple more I love too!
(love this one)
But believe me, there are more than just a few cute ones and they are reasonably priced and available at Target!  SO CUTE, right?

CLICK HERE and check them out!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

We are SINCERELY NUTS about SINCERELY NUTS Garlic Pistachios!

Does your family like to snack on nuts?  
Ours does!  In fact, our kids are nuts about nuts!
We were so excited to receive a bag of "Garlic" Pistachios from SINCERELY NUTS!  In fact, our oldest daughter tried to stake claim in them and couldn't wait to dive in.
I have to admit, I felt a little protective of them too.  These little garlic flavored nuts are AMAZING!  There is simply no other way to describe it.  It's like a total THRILL for your taste buds!!  Plus, they have so many flavors to choose from!  YUMMY!
If you don't take my should ask my oldest daughter, who, once she had a taste, wanted to eat the rest of the bag in one sitting.  

I have no doubt that if all the "NUTS" from Sincerely Nuts are as delicious as the ones we received...your family is going to enjoy any/all of the tasty varieties you can select from.  Your mouth will water from all the options.

CLICK HERE to check out their HUGE selection of all sorts of amazing gourmet nuts, freeze dried treats, chocolates and more.

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Good Friday...

It is sad to me that Easter is SUPER commercialized...just like Christmas.  Even our kids, who know the true reason why we celebrate Easter...seem to get more excited about the "basket & candy" they will receive, than the GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE we are able to receive because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross for us.
LET US not forget why we celebrate remembering "GOOD FRIDAY" and what exactly JESUS did on that day, so many, many years ago.  The horrific process He had to go taking on our sin and dying because of it.
What an even more AMAZING LOVE!

In years past, the kid's EASTER baskets have been over the top...and this year, I am pleased that they are still getting baskets, but they are far less invested.  In fact, I am not even putting candy (or anything) in the eggs that will be hidden...because the TOMB on EASTER MORNING was empty, right?  I have a feeling, there will be a small sense of disappointment, that I am hoping will be, in turn, filled with the happiness and TRUE JOY of the GIFT we all received because of the EASTER Morning...when JESUS rose from the grave.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wear A BRIGHTER Smile This Spring With Rembrandt Products...

I've been a fan of Rembrandt products for some time.  Being an avid (enthusiastic) coffee drinker, my teeth aren't always as WHITE as can be, so getting a little help from a product I can trust makes all the difference in my smile.
I was so excited to receive a care package of Rembrandt products that included:
(Before use of the Stain Dissolving Strips)
(During use of the Stain Dissolving Strips)

Something that was new to me were the "Stain Dissolving Strips".  These strips are perfect for daily treatment of stains on my teeth.  They dissolve within 5-10 minutes, are easy to apply and I could already notice the difference even after one treatment.  The weird thing for me was just letting them dissolve...because it seemed to take a little bit longer than 5-10 minutes on certain sections of my teeth.  However, it does eventually dissolve completely.  

Since drinking coffee is a daily "happening" for whitening my teeth can be too with their "stain dissolving strips" and their whitening toothpastes!

May I suggest you check out the full line of Rembrandt products for your teeth?  CLICK HERE to see all they have to offer...your PEARLY WHITES will have never been whiter!

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Family Movie Night - "Charlie: A Toy Story" Gets Our 10 Thumbs Up Approval!

I love movies that our whole family can watch together...with a little popcorn and some snuggles!  
Movies that don't have foul language, nudity or teach our kids to be disrespectful or rude.  
A true "FAMILY" friendly movie!
That's why we were so excited to receive "Charlie: A Toy Story" for review/feature!  
A SPRING BREAK movie night was definitely in order!
In fact, this adorable story filled our house with giggles and laughter...and made my heart warm too.  Caden and his adorable dog Charlie, protect his dad's toy store and greatest invention, while he father goes to a TOY CONVENTION (he was invited to by the town bullies to get him away from his store). 

Trust kids were so excited, they couldn't stop talking about the movie after we watched it.  We gave it "TEN THUMBS UP" (there is four of them and me).  It was 99 minutes of clean, family appropriate comedy and an adorable story too!

CLICK HERE to pre-order this movie, being released on April 2nd.  TRUST ME...this is a perfect "FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT" movie.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Easter Bunny Came To Our House - Thanks To @Buycostumes

Have you ever cool would it be to not have to head to the mall to have pictures taken of my kids with the EASTER BUNNY.  What about if the EASTER BUNNY could just be available, whenever you want, from the comfort of your own home?  What if the EASTER BUNNY was actually "SEEN" hiding the eggs in your yard, putting the baskets on the table, etc?  Wouldn't that bring even a little bit more fun into this holiday?
Well, today, the Easter Bunny came to visit my kids...thanks to and everyone was so excited!  ESPECIALLY MOMMY!
We received the "Professional Easter Bunny" costume, that comes with everything you need to "PULL OFF" the ultimate "Easter Bunny" visit with friends and family.  I mean, how cool would it be for me to pull up to our friends houses on EASTER day dressed in this amazing costume?
The only downside to the entire thing?  The white fuzzies that it left all over my house!  Other than was made really well, the jumpsuit has a zipper, the hood fits great (though it does get pretty hot inside) and you can see well out of it, and even our neighbors were excited to see the EASTER BUNNY out front...hopping around.
Seriously, for $89.99, this costume is a wonderful investment.  I can "double" as the Easter Bunny at parties, events and more.  I've always thought I had the perfect personality to pull off a COSTUME character anyway.  I should have been our HIGH SCHOOL mascot.

CLICK HERE to check out this Professional Easter Bunny costume!  You'll love it!  Your kids will love it!  Your friends will love it!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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Speedeebee! - Brain Boggling GOOD TIMES!

I love "FAMILY GAMES" that we can all participate in!  I especially like those that make us use our BRAIN POWER, in order to WIN!
We received a fun game from Blue Orange Games called:
Speedeebee! is a game for those who are quick minded...and especially those who can think HOT on the spot!
My two older kiddos got the chance to try it out and they had so much fun...choosing their categories, throwing the dice on the table and then trying to blurt out the first word that they could think of...that could fit in that category.  

They were giggling and getting into it!  

This is definitely a game for ages 8 - up...because you have to be a decent speller & quick about it, in order to win each round!
She was the proud winner of this round!

CLICK HERE to learn more about SpeedeeBee! and purpose you can add this to your families "GAME NIGHT" fun!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A PACIFIER HOLDER That Is Also A Friend - "First Farm Friends"

Babies, especially when they are learning how to use their hands, love to hold things!  
After having four little ones going through this stage, I know that it's almost a content and calming thing for them to not only have something sweet, plush and soft, but also helps them keep their "SOOTHER" or "PACI" in their mouth too.
We were just introduced to "First Farm Friends" The Friendly Pacifier!  
We received the "COW" friend, that was their new "FRIEND" in 2011.  How cute, right?
I love that it is the perfect size for your little one to hold onto.  It is super soft, can be washed up with soap/water (on the nipple) and with a damp cloth or sponge on the cloth parts.  It's perfect for strolling  walks in the park or mall and for car rides as well.  
It also makes it easier to "FIND" the paci when it goes missing!  How many of us have spent time searching for those lost soothers?

They are now available exclusively at Babies R Us stores nationwide!

CLICK HERE to learn more about their product line and where you can purchase yourself some "First Farm Friends" too.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anita "Rosa Faia" Swimwear Review And #Giveaway...Making Summer Look GOOD!

Swimsuit shopping can be one of the most "emotionally" painful things women go through every year.  That's seems the mirrors in the dressing rooms are never FORGIVING, or perhaps it's our own perspective of our body imagine.  
Regardless what it is...bathing suit shopping is something that most women DREAD!
I had the opportunity to find a swimwear company that create their products for REAL body types.  Because every woman is created individually & uniquely!

I received this awesome "Summer Light" tankini!  One of the things that struck me immediately...was that they had "realistic" size charts.  Because my body is not perfect...nor most women's are... 
I was able to piece together this tankini for just the right fit!
I love the's bright, cheerful and so fun!  Makes me wish summer was here already!
The suit fits great!  It has a mesh like built in bra in the top and I like that it's more a swing top fit than tight fitting around the stomach area...
and the bottoms were fairly covering (though...mommy has a little bit of extra in the backside)!  I wouldn't say they are FULL coverage, but I didn't feel uncomfortable in them either.

I would say that I was very impressed, overall with this bathing suit...and look forward to wearing it a lot this both the beach and the pool.

Have you found your perfect "SWIMSUIT" yet, for your upcoming SUMMER water fun?  I get the pleasure of offering a giveaway (1) Swimsuit from the Anita "Rosa Faia" swimwear collection to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Reader!  That's get to pick the perfect suit for you!

Click here to learn more about Anita's products (they offer more than swimwear...and they even have a maternity line).

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Michael Kors "Faye" Flat Shoes -A Charming Springtime Accent

Spring time has arrived...which means that Spring shoes are a MUST in our home!  
With two girls who love to be super fashionable and stylish...and who are very picky about their footwear, I sometimes have trouble finding shoes they will actually wear with their Spring dresses and outfits.
But, there was no fussing when these Silver "Michael Kors" FAYE FLAT shoes arrived at our house for our oldest daughter!  
In fact, she was nothing but smiles!!
These shoes are not only SUPER CUTE, and will add a bit of sparkle and shine to her spring outfits...but she also said that they are super cushy on the inside (so she won't be complaining they hurt her feet) and she said she will wear them with almost EVERY outfit!  
She was totally sold on them!!  
And since mommy is a fan of Michael Kors products anyway...I was pretty sold too!  
With their silver logo medallion...these shoes are guaranteed to get noticed when she wears them.
These shoes are being sold at Nordstroms (CLICK HERE) or Dillards (CLICK HERE) and would be a great addition to an EASTER outfit or pretty much, like my oldest daughter said, any outfit your child may wear this spring.  They come in toddler, little kid and big kid sizes!  So no matter what age your daughter is...she can be stylish in her Michael Kors FAYE FLAT shoes!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!