Friday, June 28, 2013

Save $$ And Eat Breakfast At Home! #Giveaway #Myblogspark #Sponsored

Breakfast!  The most important meal of the day...right?
Do you eat breakfast every morning?
Do you pick something up as you're headed to work?
Do you eat something before you leave your house?
(I was sent these products free of charge for this review/feature on behalf of General Mills and Breakfast at Home Makes Cents from MyBlogSpark, and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about these products!)

Did you know that you could save a lot of money, especially for a family the size of ours, by eating breakfast at home?  

In fact, beginning on June 15th, take advantage of great savings in-store and online on some of your family's favorite General Mills breakfast items like Honey Nut Cheerios®, Lucky Charms® and Cinnamon Toast Crunch® cereals! 
Simply select the coupons you want and print them directly from your printer. It’s that simple!

Visit Breakfast at Home Makes Cents for details!
We received a gift pack, that included two boxes of General Mills Cereal, a cereal bowl, a "cereal" themed lip gloss and a $25 gift card, so we can buy some breakfast essentials for our home!
I am a firm believer that EATING AT HOME, especially breakfast does make the most CENTS!!  With a family the size of ours, if we were going out for breakfasts, or even through the Starbucks drive through on a daily basis, even just ONE coffee is about $5.  We can get coffee grounds and bring them home and make that coffee for that price...and we'll get several pots too, not just one single serving cup full!

Not to mention, I believe we eat healthier when we eat at home!  Why?  Well, think about it!  If you are getting your family breakfast through a fast food drive thru, those sausage McMuffin's or Hash Browns are loaded with fat and calories!  This is simply NOT HEALTHY or a good start to your day either!  When you can purchase some fresh fruit, some yogurt and include a small bowl of healthy grain cereal, your children's day will be started off, fuel charged for whatever physical activity they are put up against!

Would you be interested in entering this giveaway and winning the same gift pack we received, so you can participate in this Breakfast Makes Cents Challenge?  
This winner will receive:
• $25 gift card to use during the event 
• One box of Honey Nut Cheerios® 
• One box of Lucky Charms® 
• Big G Bowl 
• Big G lip balm 
• Retail Value: $39

You can learn more about General 
Also find General Mills on Facebook and Twitter.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Day At Aquatica San Diego - Fun In The Sun And The Water!

When it's hot, and today was a HOT do you like to spend your summertime fun with your kids?   
Perhaps you can spend a day doing something extra special with your kids? 
(We were provided 6 complimentary tickets for admittance to the park for this review/feature on behalf of Aquatica of Sea World and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about our time at the park!)
My kids (aside from one daughter) had personally never gone to a "WATER PARK" before...until today!
After receiving complimentary tickets to visit their new AQUATICA San Diego Sea World Water Park, we drove to Chula Vista, CA today, to check out the park, enjoy some fun in the sunshine and some thrills in the water...LITERALLY!!
Upon entrance into the park, we were immediately met with amenities that made our day at Aquatica a true, "worry free" pleasure for us to experience.  Lockers were available (and conveniently located throughout the park) for storage of our clothing, shoes, wallets, etc.  Life vest racks were also located throughout the park, so that when we felt it necessary, the kids would be able to VEST UP!  Yes...they even have Starbucks coffee available for a PICK ME UP (and after hours at a water park, once can definitely use one) and Water Bottle refill stations for you to easily refill your water bottles and avoid dehydration in the sun and heat!
We also got to see some pretty amazing animals!  Nothing like the zoo...but these flamingos are beautiful and so interesting to watch!  They have amazing balance!  We also enjoyed watching the Freshwater turtles swimming and sunbathing!  It looked like they were enjoying their day too!
Yes, there are shops at Aquatica too!  The kids had fun browsing through the stores and trying on a few "silly things" they found!  No...we didn't buy any souvenirs this time, but we had a great time looking!
But the best part about our time at the park was definitely spending time in the water on all their fun slides, rides and attractions!  SERIOUSLY...there wasn't a dull moment!  Yes, the water was cold and the breeze was too (at times), but it didn't stop us from having some serious fun!  I got some decent pictures on a few of the rides, but because we were having so much fun "just enjoying our time", and because I didn't bring a waterproof camera, I hope I can do justice to some of the fun we had!
We arrived at the park at just past "OPENING" (10:00 am) and we left the park at 4:30ish!  
We were tired, the kids didn't want to leave, but our day was full of memories we will not soon forget!
If you live in the San Diego area or are looking for a place to visit when you are vacationing in the San Diego area...I would highly recommend the Aquatica San Diego Sea World Water Park!  It was clean, so much fun, and we were so very entertained all day long!  
There was never a dull moment in our fun time!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this park and to order tickets for your family to go!

The kids are already begging to go back!  TRUST was that much fun!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two "ALL NEW" DVD's From Nickelodeon Coming July 9th!

My boys love some of the cartoon shows on Nickelodeon! 
 In fact, they are always excited when we receive the DVD's of the "SOON TO BE RELEASED" shows from Nickelodeon that are coming to DVD:
(I was sent this videos free of charge from Nickelodeon for this review/feature!  I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about these DVD's)

This video is set to release on July 9, 2013
This 7 episode DVD will have your "guys" even more excited and interested in these adorable & rowdy "Ninjas in a half shell"!  
The episodes include:

CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy of this all new Ninja Turtles DVD!

This video is set to release on July 9, 2013
This 12 episode set, which follows a 17 year old headstrong and rebellious girl, who leaves home and soon discovers the exciting world of Pro-bending.  Your kids will love all the adventures, thrills and lessons in this action packed DVD!

This is 289 minutes of action packed fun!  Plus, it has some awesome bonus features!

CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy of this all new The Legend of Korra DVD!

I was not paid to review/feature this product!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

Monday, June 24, 2013

@PutumayoKids Presents - American Playground...The Perfect Fourth Of July Music For Your Kids To Celebrate With!

Want to get your kids MUSICALLY excited about the 4th of July Holiday?
(I was sent this CD free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to give my honest opinion about this new CD)

I have the perfect CD to recommend!  Not only because I'm a huge fan of the Putumayo Kids music already, but because this CD is loaded full of traditional music that your kids are going to love singing along to!  TRUST ME!

Putumayo Kids Presents: AMERICAN PLAYGROUND

CLICK HERE to have a listen to each track!

Track listing includes:
She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain
Blue Skies
This Little Light Of Mine
We All Need More Kindness In This World
Keep On the Sunny Side
Saro Jane
Oh Susannah
Forever Young
You Are My Sunshine
This Land is Your Land

CLICK HERE to order your copy of this fun filled CD!  
Your kids will be ready to celebrate with all these family sing-along songs!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

I DID IT! The HALLMARK #GetCarded Challenge...

I was given a challenge!!

A challenge that was fun to fulfill, which is unlike the typical challenges I've been recently dealing with in my life!  It really wasn't difficult, except in deciding who I would choose to send them to and which card I wanted to send!  

Being challenged to make someone's day a little more special was a BLESSING for me and for them!
(I was sent these products free of charge from Hallmark for this challenge and I was not paid to give my honest opinion about the products sent!)

Here was the details my challenge:
Send 7 cards in 7 days to 7 special people in your life!  
Tell them how much they mean, how much you miss them, how you'll never forget that time...
Hallmark send me a card pack (I didn't get to choose the card selection), that included 10 different greeting cards for me to mail out to brighten someone's day!  How could I say "NO" to that?  Sending a little sunshine in a postage marked envelope?  "YES PLEASE" is more like it!  I had to laugh, a couple of the cards I will probably never use, but they made even me giggle a little!

So, I got started first by reading through each card!  Some of the cards made music, some had moving parts (seriously...the ferris wheel went around), some of them had funny antics, and some of them were just simply sweet!
Then, I had to choose who I would be sending these cards out to!  Who needed a pick me up?  Who would appreciate a receiving something, other than another bill or bad news, in the mail?  Who would be surprised to be getting something in the mail from me, in this technological time?
After I had my list together, I wrote a special note in each card, signed my name, addressed and stamped the envelopes and got ready to mail, one out each day this past week!  
My kids helped me take them to the mailbox every morning!

I got a couple text messages (when people got their cards), a phone call and I have to say...this challenge worked in a couple different ways!  
It showed me how important a little "CARD" can be, to simply brighten someone's day in an inexpensive, but meaningful way!  
Secondly, I remember how much I love Hallmark cards!  
I used to buy them by the handfuls when I was a young adult!  

FOR YOU GUYS...Hallmark is offer a special DISCOUNT CODE for you:  Use the code BLOG30 when you check out at
to receive 30% off your order!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Plant A Garden With Your Kids - Thanks To The American Heart Association And @BurpeeGardens

My kids love being outdoors!  We love pretty flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits, and also learning about how to take care of our bodies and the earth too!   We also like EATING HEALTHY!

In fact, our oldest son practically begged us to PLANT A GARDEN this year!  
What better time to start planting...than now?

In fact, what if we could learn to garden (teach our kids) and also help a cause like "The American Heart Association" with the purchase of the seeds we buy?
(This product was sent free of charge by the company for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about this product!)
I am so excited to share with you this partnership between Burpee and The American Heart Association, with this "TEACHING GARDENS Starter Kit" Home Edition!
The kids were so excited to not only learn about each vegetable, when to plant them (we checked out the back of each package), and all the details about starting them from seedlings...but also the opportunity for us to grow our own "FRESH" produce in our very own backyard!  AWESOME!
Now we just need to get the potting soil, the containers and to get to planting these awesome vegetables!
This kit has also encouraged our kids, who thankfully willingly eat most fruits and vegetables to at least try, if not INDULGE in some fresh produce!  HEALTHY eating will create a healthy lifestyle for your children!  HANDS ON is the best introduction to this change in eating habits!  
If they help grow it, they will probably be more apt to eat it!

CLICK HERE to learn more about these "Teaching Gardens Starter Kits" and maybe this can be something you and your children work on this summer too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

Friday, June 21, 2013

alternaVites Kids - Taking Vitamins Can Be Simple, Fun And Taste Good Too...For Your Children!

My kids have never minded taking vitamins!  I know, I'm lucky, right?  
However, I know that there are some children who DREAD taking vitamins!  For those parents, finding something that will be an easy alternative is sometimes hard to come by!  We all want our kids to grow up strong and healthy!  We want their bodies to get all the nutrients they need, especially if they are not eating as healthy as they should or refuse to eat their vegetables and fruits!

So what is a concerned parent supposed to do?
(I was sent these products free of charge from the company for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about the product being reviewed!)
How about they try alternaVites Kids?  
I was just introduced to these little packages of sweet, dietary supplement!  

This vitamin alternative is free of food allergens (egg, milk, peanut, tree nut, wheat, soy, fish and shell fishes), free of high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and is sugar free too!
The best part, it's fun to eat, comes in two different flavors (strawberry bubblegum and raspberry cotton candy) and just simply gets sprinkled on your child's tongue or mixed into their favorite yogurt or smoothie!  My daughter didn't mind taking it directly on her tongue and she thought it was pretty tasty!
In fact, she gave it a thumb up!  
This is something she would be willing to take everyday!  AWESOME!!  It supplies my children with a daily supply of multivitamin and minerals and they will think they are having a treat (like a pixie stick)!  YAY!  Gotta love products that makes a mom's job easier and keeps our kids healthier!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this product and see if this would be something your picky child would be willing to try out!  

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Summer... "COOL OFF" with Cool Off!

HEAT!  The summer heat can be scorching hot, depending on where you live!  If you're active and outside a lot during the summer months, you need a way to stay & remain cool, despite the broiling hot air!

What do you do?  Do you walk around with a water bottle and spray yourself?  Have you installed misters on your patio?  Do you carry an ICE COLD water bottle with you wherever you go?
(I was sent these products free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about the products being featured!)
How about carrying a "COOL OFF" Towelette?  
At first, I'll be honest, I was a little leery about these towelettes!  Why?  Well, they say that they will keep you cool for up to an hour!  How they do that?  The towelette is infused with 17 cooling and therapeutic herbs, botanicals and essential oils.  Made me tingle just thinking about it!

But honestly, after pushing the lawn mower in the front and back yard, weed eating and blowing the mess away, I was ready for some COOLING ACTION!  I needed some relief and I needed it NOW!  And trust me, I'll need this all summer long...whether I'm doing yard work, being the lifeguard at the pool or doing pool cleaning/maintenance!  The heat can slow you down and this mommy has to keep GOING!
Guess what?  They work!  They really do!  
It cooled me down almost immediately (at touch) and my skin was a bit tingly (and you can smell the herbs), but I never got sticky or uncomfortable!  It felt refreshed and I did COOL OFF with these towelettes!  

CLICK HERE to learn more about Cool Off products and maybe you should keep some in your purse (for hot car rides or yard work in the heat)!  They work wonders & will really cool you down in the hot summer temperatures!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

SafetyTat - Temporary Tattoos That Could BRING Your Kids Back To You!

One of the scariest feelings in the world, for a parent, is to loose a child!  I've thankfully, never experienced it on my own...but I can truly sympathize the sheer panic and true fear a parent feels when they turn around and their child is not there!  
Makes my heart skip a few beats just thinking about it!

Because I'm a mom who goes MOST PLACES by myself with all four of my kids, there is always a part of me ON GUARD to keep a head count at all times!  Thankfully, my older kids are pretty good about staying with me, for the most part, but there are occasions, like being in a crowded store or busy mall, that I can loose my cool, trying to keep everyone close by and get everyone OUT all together!
(I was sent this product free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about this product!)

So, as summer begins, there are probably some MAJOR excursions on your LIST of "THINGS TO DO" with your kids, right?  I know that, if my kids were the "directors of activities", we'd be visiting every theme park, beach and pool in the local San Diego area.  So I was truly thankful to not only learn about this company, but get to share with time for outings when they might be useful for you as well!
SafetyTat offers packages of temporary tattoos that allow you to write your phone number, in case your child does go missing, accidentally, and is able to find someone who can call you to help them find their way back!  
Did you know that over 2000 US kids get lost everyday?  
That just makes me hyperventilate a little!
These SafetyTat's are adorable, can be applied anywhere you choose, though they recommend the forearm (because if it's out of sight, it's out of mind...and won't be picked at our messed with).  
They require no water for application, just a little heat from your fingertips...and can last up to TWO WEEKS!

Plus, they are super easy to remove, you just peel up a corner and it comes right off!  Our little guy said, "it's kind of like a bandaid"!  And, they are Hypoallergenic, Latex-Free, Soy-Free and Nut-Free!  
SERIOUSLY...just applying them will make you feel a little bit better about heading out to a theme park, airport, mall or wherever you might be going that involves lots of people, crowds, and the possibility of experiencing a lost child!

CLICK HERE and order a pack for your family excursions this summer!  TRUST ME!!  You'll be thankful, especially if your child is one of the 2000 that go missing every day, that you did!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

@HarvardSweets Boutique - The Sweetest "DELIVERED" Treat!

Not sure about you, but sweets, especially homemade goodies, can brighten & sweeten my day...anyday!  
In fact, at this very moment, I can smell the brownies I just pulled out of the oven, cooling on the counter!  I can't wait to dive into them!

(I was sent this product free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about the product!)

Have you ever thought of sending a "sweet treat" to brighten someone's day?  
Maybe it's just "BECAUSE"!  Maybe they are going through a hard time and could use some cheering up!  Maybe they just had a baby or have a reason to celebrate and a "SWEET" treat is the perfect thoughtful gift?

I was just introduced to Harvard Sweet Boutique!  
The first word that comes to my mouth is YUM!  
Not only was this assortment of sweet treats packaged in an adorable gift box, with a sweet note attached...
But the sweets inside were equally as pleasing to our taste buds!  
My dad (if you can't tell by the look on his face), especially enjoyed indulging in a little bit of sweetness!!

Their prices are reasonable and your special recipient will have their day brightened and it will definitely be a little sweeter when a package from Harvard Sweet Boutique arrives!

CLICK HERE to see all the assortments of treats they offer!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ULTRACLEAN Mouth, Whiter Teeth And EverFresh Breath - Thanks Listerine

Have you ever thought about your mouth...the inside...and what we put it through on a daily basis?  Sorta gross, right?  The things that go in and out of it all day long!  Whether it be food, drink, toothbrush or whatever...our mouths truly are a body part that take a beating every single day we are alive!

So do you take good care of your mouth?  Do you feel confident in your smile?  Are you certain your breath isn't going to offend someone when you talk with them?  
Does your mouth every feel 100% clean & fresh?
(I was sent these Listerine Products free of charge for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about each product)

I love LISTERINE products!  Why?  There are a few reasons, but one that comes to the fore front of my mind immediately, is FRESH, BURNING HOT, MINTY BREATH!  You know what I'm talking about, right?

We received a few products from Listerine, including their new "ULTRACLEAN" with Everfresh Technology mouth wash!
The NEW Listerine Whitening toothpaste is a blue gel!  Because of it's whitening agents, it helps to remove the surface stains (like coffee or wine) from your teeth as you brush!  It can also help restore the enamel on your teeth, which means you'll have stronger teeth too!  And like all Listerine products, it leaves your mouth feeling clean, fresh and MINTY!
The NEW Listerine ULTRACLEAN with Everfresh Technology Antiseptic Mouthwash is going to BURN...but only in a good way!  It helps control tarter build up, kills plaque & gingivitis and man, your breath is going to be fresh for hours and hours!  It leaves that tingly minty flavor, that will leave you feeling confident in your fresh smelling mouth!  You may smell like a dentist office, but at least people won't be falling over backwards from your horrible breath either!
The Listerine POCKETPAKS are amazing!  They are the perfect way to keep your breath fresh and confident all day long!  You just put one of these paks in your purse and whenever you feel like your breath might need a little "FRESHENING", let one of these MINTY HOT strips melt on your tongue!  It will burn a little, but in a good way, and you'll enjoy minty fresh breath for hours after!
I was impressed with all three of the Listerine Products we received to try out!  I feel more confident about the health of my mouth, my teeth and the fact that my breath should be "MINTY FRESH" for hours after using each of these products!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Listerine line and perhaps you'll find something new to try out, to keep your mouth healthy and confident too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!

A SKINCARE Staple - Olay Regenerist #Giveaway Sponsored

Skincare in our middle ages seems so much more important than it did in our twenties!  
Okay, at least for me it did!  How I wish I could go back and re-do, and take better care of the flawless skin I used to have!  Instead, now, I have to be on the defense of those emerging wrinkles that keep appearing on my face!  
Ughhh...aging stinks!
(I was sent these products on behalf of Olay for this review/feature and I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about the products being reviewed!)
That's why I've used Olay Regenerist in the past!  
I was delighted to receive this gift pack to check out...not only a product I've used in the past, but something new, that also targets a PROBLEM AREA of mine!
The Olay Regenerist "MICRO-SCULPTING CREAM" is amazing!  Not only does it immediately hydrate your skin, but overtime, as you use it, you will notice it truly working on those pre-existing wrinkles too!  I love the smell and it seems to soak right into my skin and leave me with the softest facial skin ever!
The Olay Regenerist "MICRO-SCULPTING EYE CREAM AND LASH SERUM DUO" is a new product to me, which targets the crow's feet I've noticed in every single picture I've taken recently!  Of course I am always game for something that helps with the bags under my eyes, the dark circles and the fine lines that have come with a smile I like to share with everyone!  Plus, I have some decent lashes already, but anything that might encourage them to be even healthier, thicker or longer is totally something I'm interested in too!  Since using this product, I really haven't noticed much of a difference in my lashes, but like I said, I've already have decent length and thickness anyway!

Both of these products scored HIGH on my approval level and I can't wait to share this GIFT PACK with one of my Lucky Readers!  These products can be purchased at WALMART!

(1) One Bored Mommy Reader will win a gift package that will contain the Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser, NEW Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo, and NEW Micro-Sculpting Cream. and you'll be so glad you entered! 

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!