Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An "UNCANNY" Resemblance - My Son Is A Mirror Image Of Me! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!

As the years have gone on...our oldest son has changed in looks some!  It happens when kids get older and grow into their "SELVES".  It's funny, to look at your kids and see yourself in them!  Bits and pieces of both parent, finely entwined into this new little being!  I have always thought our boy's had my eye shape and the girl's had their dad's!
However, today...after I took our oldest son to get his hair cut, we took a picture together that I posted on Facebook and everyone commented about how much he looked like me!  I had noticed that our noses were exactly the same shape...
But it wasn't until my sister spliced this picture of the two of us...that it was obvious he looks far more like me than I had ever realized before!  Pretty weird, right?  Our eyes are exactly the same shape, size and color.  Our noses match up almost perfectly.  Even our lips and teeth!  CRAZY!  Too funny!

So I guess now...there is NO DENYING he's my son!  And I am okay with that!  He's is such a handsome, sweet, kind and thoughtful young man...I am honored to share some of the same "looks" with him!  What a lucky mommy I am!  Just hope he's okay looking like his MOM!  HA!


Anonymous said...

Your Sister must have way too much time on her hands. LOL!