Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just A Note Of Thanks...And An Update Of Sorts

As you know, the past year and a half...our family has gone through a major transition and I had to put this site on "HOLD" for several months!  

And over the past several months, I've realized that this site and "what I do" here is important to not only me...but you as well!  
I think you guys missed it, right?  

I love that I can offer MOM's and others, my opinion on products!  I love that I can share with you things that I get excited about!  I love helping spread the word about ways you can save money and I can even encourage you (and you encourage me as well).  I also love that you LISTEN!  

Giving what I say "some value", makes me feel like I am making a difference and it builds me up (and right now that's not a bad thing)!

So after realizing that this "blogging" opportunity isn't such a bad thing (just learning to manage my time better with it), I was thrilled to see the OUTPOURING of entries in the #C9atTarget Giveaway (if you haven't entered's a $200 Gift Card being given away) so far!  It may seem silly, but it blessed me that not only Target (my favorite store) was willing to work with me (when I had been out of commission for a few months) and offer such a large prize to give away, but blessed me further by the fact that I obviously hadn't lost momentum or my fantastic "following" of friends, family and fabulous followers who have been waiting for my return!  
So beyond BLESSED!

THANK YOU for letting me share with you!  Thank you for being patient with me!  Thank you for being a source of encouragement for me...I have missed it!

What does this mean?  I'm back, sorta!  It probably won't be a "DAILY" thing...but maybe it will??  I'd love the chance to work closer with some companies as a "MOM Ambassador" or "MOM EXPERT" and maybe even work this into a career somehow?  But regardless, I hope that it can be a place that you can come, learn, leave encouraged, and that you'll spread the word about too! 

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I post daily here...offering inspiration, some silly things and encouragement to everyone!  
(It's many things can you say that about in life?)