Thursday, January 30, 2014

Magic Tank - Emergency Fuel For Those UNEXPECTED Roadside "EMERGENCIES"

I've honestly never had it happen, but I know it happens more often that I realize.  You're driving along, minding your business...and all of a sudden...your car gives a couple lurches and then stalls out!  You look at your gas tank...only to realize that you have officially hit the bottom of your tank...and you're stuck several miles away from the nearest gas station.  OH GREAT!!  What is your solution to this problem?  Maybe this happens often to you, so you have a gas tank in you car...and you start walking the distance to fill it up?  Maybe you have "Roadside Assistance" and they will bring you a few gallons to get you to a fill up station safely?  Or maybe you're LITERALLY STUCK until help comes your way.

(I was not paid to feature this post!  I was sent a product for this review/feature as my only form of compensation for doing this post!)

For me, I'd be in trouble for sure!  Why?  A single mommy with four kids...who is truly unprepared for this type of situation...I'd be a sitting duck with kids!  No gas tank, no AAA membership...HELPLESS, so I'd be hoping and praying someone would be willing to stop and help!  And never know who might stop...not a good position to be putting myself or the kids in!

I was so excited to learn about a company that will "protect me" in the case this scenario ever happens to me and the kids:

Magic Tank is "EMERGENCY FUEL" I will not ever be in that situation...LORD WILLING!  
This 1/2 gallon ($19.99) of nonvolatile, non-flammable emergency gas substitute is the perfect "secret weapon" to keep in the back of my car...for "just in case" incidents.  It gets the same "mileage" as typical for my car, this half gallon will get me about 5-7 miles.  It has a 10 year shelf life (so it will keep for awhile), is Bio, Eco and EPA Approved.  It works in all (non diesel) gasoline engines (yes...this also includes boats, jet skis, lawnmowers, etc.). It's safe to store and transport in your vehicle and will seriously give me peace of mind for our road trips and commutes to & from school.

I thought about running my gas tank down, so I could give a true "account" of how it works...but decided instead, to use this post as more of a way to spread the word for the company and product...mainly because I don't think it's smart of me to jeopardize my car (the kids and my only transportation) just for this review.  Though I do believe it will do all that they claim it will.
However, you can bet your britches that this baby will be riding in the back of my car (it's already there), "JUST IN CASE!"  You never know...I guess it can happen to anyone...right?  In fact, it's stored right near my other emergency roadside stuff (jumper cables, flares, etc.) so I can rest assured that I am prepared in the event I have any car issues or struggles.

Especially if you're someone who has this type of situation happen a lot!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for this review/feature!