Wednesday, February 26, 2014

@Hair2Wear : The PONY Extension Takes A "MOM PONY" To A Whole New Level

My poor hair!  Over the past several years...after giving birth to four kids and going through a difficult divorce...there is barely anything left of it!  I know that stress & hormone changes cause hair to fall out...but, I would now classify my head full of hair as extremely thin (some would not believe me...because I've always had lots of hair).

(The product in this review was sent free of charge to be reviewed/featured without any other form of compensation on my site!)
So what can I do?  I take vitamins!  I brush it!  I use the right products in it!  But it's still falling out by the hand full!  I could literally cry!  

But I don't have to cry anymore, because I can "FAKE IT" better than ever, with a product that takes a "MOM PONY" (you know what I'm taking about...especially if you're a mom) to an all time "HIGH"!  To bad it doesn't magically make us as gorgeous as Christie Brinkley is...but at least our hair can look awesome with little or no effort!
"The Pony" Extension from Hair2Wear is not only super easy to put in...but really can make drastic improvements to the overall look of your hair!  SERIOUSLY!!  Don't believe me?
Watch the video and then look at the I play with different styles:
I couldn't be more delighted with this!  
Especially since most hair takes a back burner to get the kids ready for their "school day"...I can now, without a doubt say, my hair will look like I spent hours on it...when I've really only spent a couple minutes (if that)!  
I'm a happy doubt about it!

Hair2Wear sells other products too...wigs and extensions that will make your jaw drop: CLICK HERE and take a browse!  Plus, "The Pony" extension only costs $39.00.  
It's worth have a "GREAT" hair day everyday!

I'm delighted to have found this product and I can't wait to share my enthusiasm with other mommy's who are in the same desperate "hair situation" as me!  

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for the review/feature!  My honest opinion was given during this review!