Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Took Four EXPLORERS To "EXPLORER'S REEF" FOR A DAY OF FUN! #50thCelebration @ClydeSeaWorldSD

Did you know that Sea World is Celebrating it's 
50th Anniversary?  

I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about the new Sea World San Diego exhibit!  I was not monetarily compensated by writing this review/feature!

And along with that special CELEBRATION...they have transformed their entrance into the park...and added an awesome new exhibit called "EXPLORER'S REEF"!
The kids and I got the pleasure to have a bit of a sneak peek of this new, multi million dollar (16 month) project this morning...before the park opened it's gates to the public.  And if you can't tell...they were excited about this before we even left home...bright and early this morning!
We loved the new "photo opportunity" entrance, the concierge style ticketing booths, the true beach front feel as you walk up (we are huge fans of the beach too) and that you have to enter the park now...under a massive wave sculpture that takes you "LITERALLY" under the sea as you enter the park!  We were drawn in...hook, line and sinker!
Just inside the gate, you find coral like designed sculptures and both saltwater & freshwater touch pools!  THESE ARE SERIOUSLY AWESOME!  Your kids won't want to walk away from them!
The "Cleaner Fish" were a HUGE HIT with our kids!  Why?  If you put your hand into the bottom of the tank and wait patiently...these tiny little fish will come nibble all over your hands, cleaning off bits of dead skin and whatever else your hands have on them!  If you haven't experienced this've just got to!  It's like nothing you'll ever do again!  It tickles and will weird you out all at the same time...and your hands will be baby soft if you let them nibble long enough!
There are two types of Bamboo Sharks in touch tanks for you and your children to interact with as well!  Our oldest daughter got to hold the remains of a "shark egg" casing...which she thought was "WAY" cool too!

 Those "Shark Eggs" are the weirdest and coolest thing!  We actually spotted an egg in the "Shark Tank"...and the trainers talked to our kids about it!  The eggs are weird, because, you can actually see the baby shark swimming around inside of it and yolk..SO COOL!
There is also a touch pool with rays & horseshoe crabs...which was awesome as well!  
We even got to watch the rays being fed!
This "EXPERIENCE" is one your kids will not soon forget!  At least I know ours won't!   And as you can see in the picture above, Sea World is also great about hygiene and the washing stations were perfectly located...for our hand washing needs after our "touching" experience with the sea life! We loved the new feel of the park entrance, the interactive touch pools & cool animals, and all the expertise that the staff has to offer the kids!  They were a plethora of knowledge, as our kids drilled them with question after question about all the different things we saw, touched and experienced!
We not only had the pleasure of checking out this new EXPLORER'S REEF exhibit...but we got to stay in the park for the rest of the day and enjoy all the sights, sounds and fun at Sea World San Diego!   We got the pleasure of talking with one of the trainers from the "One Ocean" Shamu Show and we sat in the very middle "SPLASH ZONE" (yes...we got soaked) during the show and were on the "big screen" four times (the kids were keeping count)!  They felt like TOTAL "VIP's" today!
The icing on the cake to our day at Sea World San Diego...the kids & I got to touch & love on a dolphin today!  
It's on my "bucket list" to swim with them one day...but today was a step closer! least one of our kids is (or seems to be) "INSPIRED" to work here when she "GROWS UP"!
Today was a long day...but a wonderful one!  
We came home tired (and I got a little too much sun)...but full of amazing memories we got to make together!

I was not paid to post this review/feature about the new Explorer's Reef at Sea World San Diego!  I was not compensated monetarily, but we were given "free entrance" into the park for this sneak peek event and allowed to remain in the park for the remainder of the day!


Tiffany said...

I've always wanted a fish pedicure....Do you think putting my feet in would be frowned upon?

Amanda Hughes said...

Looks like a super fun day for all. I urge you to watch the documentary Black Fish on netflix. It just might make you think differently about Sea World. I know it did for me.