Saturday, March 1, 2014

Plan For World Water Day 2014 - HOW WILL YOU MAKE AN IMPACT? @lovewaterorg

Water...such a simple, tasteless element of life! A necessary one, but none the less, one we definitely take for granted in the United States! Clean Water is a commodity that we, as American's, don't even blink an eye at! In fact, we complain if the water tastes chemically treated or isn't cold enough!
Watch this video I made with my kids to get their take on water:

Can you imagine serving your child up a big glass of dirty water...because they are dying of thirst...literally?

Can you imagine cooking with water that is full of parasites, filth and things that you know will, if not immediately...eventually cause your family to fall deathly ill?

Can you imagine bathing your children in water where animals bathe as well?
I mean...think about it!

In some places in the world, these things are common daily occurrences! CAN YOU IMAGINE?
I know you've seen images and truly, we can't imagine the lives of people living in these types of conditions! It breaks my heart! This is their norm. Can you imagine this being your family's norm?  I "Love-Water" and you probably do too...if you think about it!  We all NEED it to survive in this life!

Here's the good may not impact you personally, physically or even daily...but it can impact you emotionally...and you can help bring change to places in the WORLD where CLEAN WATER is a GOD SEND...not a expectation of daily life!

World Water Day is March 22nd and mom's, dad's, aunts, uncles and families...can come together and help bring change in “LITTLE” or “BIG” ways to people all across the world!
In fact, the kids and I have already been brainstorming about how we can “raise” some money to donate to Love-Water (CLICK HERE to learn more about their organization)!    This organization is making huge impacts on the lives of families by offering them filtration systems and CLEAN WATER through donations and fund-raising efforts! Their cause has not gone unnoticed and even my kids (who are truly spoiled and picky about their own drinking water), feel pressed to help bring CHANGE and make a difference for families that have far less than ours would ever know!

WILL YOU JOIN US? Will you find some way to raise money, donate money or even lend a helping hand (consider going on a mission trip with them to install some of the filtration systems) bring about change?

Think about it...which glass would you rather offer your child to drink??

MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY!  Not sure how?  CLICK HERE to learn more about a non-profit that would love your help!

OR see their fundraising efforts and be a part of the movement:
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about this organization or cause!