Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SPRING BREAK - Off To A BIG Splash Already...

Yesterday was the first official day of SPRING BREAK...and we are already having a SPLASH of a good time!  
In fact, today...we finally got to use the fishing rods the kids got for Christmas, and with the exception of the bag of bait (we used "chicken liver with chicken blood" stink bait...YUM)...it didn't cost anything but our time and patience!  
It was their first time "EVER" fishing (only the oldest has been before)!  
So we did a DRY RUN in our driveway...so they could get the concept of "casting" down...before we headed out to the lake and actual hooks were being dodged!
It was a few hours of quiet, patient (they were amazingly patient for their first time), overcast...and then sunny & hot waiting and casting out & reeling in!
But finally...after about 3 hours...our oldest daughter CAUGHT THE BIG ONE!  This catfish was probably 4 1/2 pounds and surprisingly enough...didn't break the string on her little pole!  It did take her a little while to get it to shore!
She was so proud and excited!  And yes...the catfish swam away with a little emotional distress (because there were some squeals and lots of excitement), but otherwise OK!  I was so excited too!  At least one of them caught something...to make our day of "fishing" worthwhile!  
We got to see a big CATFISH!
We will be going again and again!  Oh yes...even though our hands smelled like the bait (but they were troopers and all baited their own hooks) when we left the lake...we made fun memories and now we know there are "BITERS" in that lake!  We will be back soon!