Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Clean With @BalanceBar And @JRWNaturals - #WIN This #GIVEAWAY

Spring is almost here!  That means that it's time to start getting ready for warmer days, longer nights and bathing suit time!  After spending the winter sweaters & jeans and eating way to many sweets...our poor bare legs will be making an entrance for some sunlight and we find ourselves gasping at the thought of even trying on a bathing suit...let alone wearing one in direct sunlight!  Eeek!  Gasp!

All products were sent free of charge for this review/feature and I was offered NO monetary compensation in return for my honest opinion about these products or companies!

And what about your house?  Isn't SPRING a time for "CLEANING" up?  Hauling off stuff you don't need to the dump and de-cluttering your things?  Getting those dusty blinds washed and maybe even painting and redecorating a room or two in your home?  Maybe it's "de-cobwebbing" your ceilings and washing the floors & grout!  Whatever it is...SPRING CLEANING always makes me feel better and much more prepared for summer!  There is a FRESHNESS that comes with SPRING TIME!

Don't worry...there are a couple companies that have joined together to get you not only READY...but excited for SPRING!!
In fact, they sent us this awesome gift we could get prepared!
A variety of Balance Bars to take with me "on the go" I eat right and can watch my girlish figure!  My favorite is the "dark chocolate peanut" one!  But we received a variety of Balance Bars – Dark Chocolate PeanutDark Chocolate Crunch and Dark Chocolate Coconut.
And hand soap and UNIVERSEL cleaner spray from JR Watkins.  Their products are awesome and I can be comfortable and confident when using this product around the house with my kids and animals!  Plus...they work great and you can use the Universel Cleaner on just about everything around your home!  Perfect for some deep SPRING Cleaning!

I am so certain you will love "getting ready for SPRING" with both Balance Bars and JR Watkins products...I get to offer a gift pack Giveaway to (1) Lucky One Bored Mommy Reader too!


Balance Bars and JR Watkins are even having a Twitter Party that you're not going to want to miss out on!  Use the hashtag #SpringIntoBalance for the party!  Will you join us?

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Maureen said...

I start with the blinds. They have to one one of the worst things to clean. The thing is, once they are all clean due to dust, you could start right over again.

deb c said...

I started doing some of the spring cleaning last week. Once it gets warm, I can open up all the windows , turn on the music, and start cleaning.

Jackie said...

I usually start by cleaning out closets and drawers
Thank you!

Amanda H said...

I start in the laundry room!

latanya t said...

I start in my living room

mrsshukra said...

I start with the window screens in March!

ababe28 said...

I live in a small house, so the first thing I have to do is de-clutter, then the real cleaning starts!
Ann B.
ababe28 at

Brutus Duffy said...

I start with cleaning the floors and carpets. I also get the baseboards.

katy said...

i start with the windows and baseboards

Anonymous said...

As soon as Christmas is over I start de junking. Patricia

janetfaye said...

I start Spring Cleaning with window washing.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Audra O'Hara said...

I start by stripping all the beds and washing all the linens in the house including blankets.