Thursday, March 27, 2014

SQUATCHI - Never Be Left Wondering Again...

Kids feet grow so fast!  They grow and grow and grow!  How can you possibly keep up with all the growth...making sure you're not having your little one where shoes that are two SIZES too small?  
Trust can happen and you don't even realize it!

This product was sent free of charge for this review/feature!  I was not offered any monetary compensation in return for my honest opinion about this product and how it works!
In fact...bring the ease of a "shoe store" (without all the drama) into your home with SQUATCHI!
Kids love getting their feet see how "BIG" they are getting!
What is SQUATCHI?  It's a plastic FOOT SIZER that you'll be thrilled to have stored away...for when it's time to order summer flip flops, when they start complaining their shoes are too tight, a huge sale with "FREE SHIPPING" hits your favorite shoe store or when you want to order online with confidence, knowing you know the perfect size to order!
It's so easy to use!  You have your child stand up straight, put their heel up against the back and then check to see their current need!
You'll no longer be left wondering if their shoes "REALLY ARE" too small!  You won't have to worry about what sort of "SCENE" will erupt when you take your children into the shoe store!  Using this "MOMMY CREATED" product will be a GOD you and your kids!  I am thrilled to have this in our home!  Especially with four different children's constantly growing feet...this will be the easiest way to keep track of their current needs!

Why haven't you ordered one yet?

CLICK HERE to learn more about SQUATCHI and why this might be a product you'll love to own too!

I was not paid to review/feature this product!  I was compensated only by the product sent for this review/feature!


Teri Turner said...

Oh my I need this- every time I am at a store I can't remember how big my daughters feet are. They always seem to grow