Monday, April 21, 2014

Bugs Be Gone - @Mercola "BUG SPRAY" Will Keep Them Away...All Summer Long

Long summer nights (oh how I love them) means lots of playing OUTDOORS...but it also means BUGS!  I dislike, very much, mosquitoes...even though they really, really like me!  They like to snack on me!  It's the worst thing, to have your legs or arms all bit up and itchy...especially if you're a child!  TRUST ME!  I've heard my fair share of whining about bug bites, from my kids, when a hungry little mosquito has attacked us!

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I was delighted to have the opportunity to try out Dr. Mercola's Bug Spray!  
This is something that we will not only use when we are at home, but we can also take with us on the go, to camp, to play at the beach, etc.  AWESOME!
I do not mind the smell of the spray (though my kids were not super fond of it), because it's made with natural ingredients (that makes it kid and pet safe) lemongrass (my kids said that's what it smelled like), peppermint oil and citronella oil...but the bugs HATE IT!  And I love that!  To me, it's worth smelling like lemongrass, in order to not have bug bites all over me and the kids this summer!  

It's DEET FREE!  So because it's safe, and it's truly a WIN-WIN!  And it won't hurt the environment!

It means more time to play outside, without swinging and batting the bugs away.  This means happy kids and a happy mommy too!

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