Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fresh Squeezed "BLOOD ORANGE" Juice - Saturday Fun!

We have friends who live on property that has acres of avocado trees (my favorite), lemon trees and "blood orange" trees.  Seriously...fresh citrus never SMELLED so wonderful!  
The kids and I went to play today at their house and we ended up spending the day, picking ripe "blood oranges", eating a few as we went along...
then washing them, cutting them and then...
JUICING THEM by hand!  It was a sweet, sticky, but super fun filled event!  The kids were very hard workers and their efforts paid off when a pitcher and a half of naturally sweet and slightly sour "BLOOD ORANGE" juice!  Yummy!  Not only is it tasty, but it's naturally full of vitamin C, which is great for their growing little bodies!
They enjoyed the benefits of their hard work and I'm sure we will be back to have another fun filled afternoon in their CITRUS WONDERLAND again soon!

Want a glass of FRESH SQUEEZED "Blood Orange" Juice too?