Saturday, April 26, 2014

Knott's Berry Bloom - A Berry Sweet Blast! @Knotts

Yesterday after school, I surprised the kids with an impromptu trip to Knott's Berry Farm!  I love that it's close enough by our new house to do this...without spending hours in the car!  By far...the season passes, have been the best CHRISTMAS PRESENT we received this year!  We have spent lots of time at the park already this year and it's only April...and it's a park that our WHOLE family truly, truly enjoys every moment at!  Each trip brings new FUN memories for me and the kids!
Knott's Berry Farm is celebrating "KNOTT'S BERRY BLOOM" right now...with all sorts of fun shows, celebrations, different types of food booths, activities and more!  This makes the park even more of a fun experience, because there is something new for us to enjoy when we go!  
Yesterday, the kids were all given a card when we entered the gate to go on an EASTER EGG hunt of sorts!  There were "booths" set up all over the park that we had to get their card punched at, and each booth had a special treat for the kids (candy, tattoos, stickers, etc.)!  The last stop...they got to pick an EASTER EGG and were super excited to find a "FAST PASS" ticket (you would have thought they got a GOLDEN TICKET)!  We used two of the four passes before our time was up at the park...and of course, the TIMBER MOUNTAIN LOG RIDE was the first on our list!  
It's the favorite ride of our crew...and the Log Ride staff (we love Briana and Raymond) is the BEST!!  
I think our record of riding in one day is 8 times!
We got to participate in a couple of their "LIVE" shows!  Yes...the kids were not shy about getting into the action!  In fact, all four of my kids got to be a fun of the performance, which they always LOVE (not the first time they have been a part of the shows)!  The girls got a ride in the basket, and blew bubbles along the way!  The boys got to walk with Linus!  
They danced, and we all sang (such fun music), and we had so much fun!
And when it got dark...there was a DJ in the park...playing fun dance music (even some old school music), with lights and fog machines and the kids had a blast dancing the night away!  I don't think I've danced that hard in a long, long time!  The smiles on their faces were worth every second of it!  And we got to ride on a few of our favorite the dark!  IT WAS SO FUN!  Seriously...we loved it!
KNOTT'S BERRY FARM is one of our FAVORITE theme parks in Southern California and if you haven't been before, you should really plan a trip out!  With the age ranges from 12 to 5 in our home...and even me (as an adult), this park has something for everyone to enjoy!  And just a PLUG - if you live in Southern California and will be visiting the park more than once a year, the SEASON passes are worth every cent!  You not only get to go as much as you want, but you get a discount on food/items in the park and the more you go, the more you get to know the staff and feel a part of the Knott's Berry Farm Family!

I was not paid to feature this post!  The season passes were purchased by me, as Christmas presents for the kids & I this year!  This is not a sponsored post at all!