Sunday, April 13, 2014

The New Generation - "GIRL MEETS WORLD"

One of my favorite shows growing up was "Boy Meets World".  I watched every episode, cried at graduation, cried at Cory and Topanga's wedding, etc.  It was a show series that my sister and I really loved!

So now, Disney Channel is bringing them back, in new roles!  
No longer awkward kids, they are now adults who are helping their own daughter find "her own world".
Girl Meets World will premiere this summer and I am certain this will be a show that the girls are going to love!  Despite the fact we don't have cable, I hope that Netflix will be putting this one on their roster, so we can enjoy this new GENERATION of one of my favorite shows!  
And yes, we are promised to see a "FEW" other favorite characters make an appearance on this new series too!

This does make me feel a little OLD, however, since I am old enough to be a mommy of a Middle Schooler (our son will start 7th grade this fall), I guess they can be too, right?

We can't wait to watch this with my kids!!