Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother's Day - COMPLETED

Did you have a Happy Mother's Day?  
I DID!  I absolutely did!
For a isn't always "JUST" like the HALLMARK cards, but life is what you make it, right?  And in my opinion, being a mommy is better than NOT being a mommy any day!  HANDS DOWN!
This morning, I was pleasantly awoke (bright and early), by my youngest daughter, who told me, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Mommy" with a big smile on her face!  She made me an awesome card at school (see above)!  From there, my oldest son brought me buttered toast and ice water (breakfast in bed) that he prepared all by himself!  That surprised me...though he did tell me last night when I tucked him into bed, "Mommy, I can't wait to get up early and surprise you with something special in the morning!  I may not be able to go to sleep tonight!"  HA!  LOVE IT!
My kids have the sweetest, super generous, most loving hearts!
My youngest son gave me some sweet hugs & kisses (always a great way to start out the morning) and brought me the present he made me in school to open...a vase he decorated himself at school (as was very proud about).  SO SWEET!
We went to church and I got a beautiful red carnation & a nice breakfast (yes, the kids enjoyed the pancakes, bacon and fruit too)...and four "RED ROSE" pens that they made for me in Children's Church.  LOVE IT!  With four kids, I have quite a BOUQUET of flowers pens!  I'll always think of them, every time I write a note or sign my name with these pens!  The roses "almost" look real!
My oldest daughter pampered me with some "HAIR" TLC...and I always love the new "looks", or just simply having my hair played with!  This was the most "relaxing" part of my day today!
I seriously love having my hair this was a fantastic gift!
Oh yes...there were a few moments of "TICKLE TORTURE" too! LAUGHS make great gifts too! ;)  The boys were cracking me up!  This picture doesn't do them justice, but you get the idea!  Their laughter always, ALWAYS warms my heart!  And it delights me to no end that my oldest son loves getting tickled by his MOMMY still!  I pray he never gets to OLD for that!
I couldn't think of four people I'd rather spend my day with!
HECK...they are truly the ONLY REASONS I get to celebrate Mother's Day anyway!
Now, four kids are tucked sweetly and soundly in bed...
And I am so grateful and so very blessed!  


Anonymous said...

Glad to read that you had a fantastic Mother's Day! I sent you a text with a picture of Kenzie and I but I don't know if I got the right #, lol! So, if you didn't get it, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! WE LOVE YOU!

Steph and Kenzie