Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cascade Ice - Organic Sparkling Waters...REFRESHMENT With Bubbles

When I was a kid, sparkling water, or seltzer water, meant one thing...someone threw up!  
No joke, my mom would give us some bubbly water to settle our belly!  I used to hate it!  

But as I have become an adult, I have found that I really enjoy carbonated waters.  Especially flavored ones!  ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL NECESSARY!  It truly doesn't need anything at all, for me to thoroughly enjoy it's refreshing clean flavor and the bubbles too!  It's a beverage I have ordered often, when I've been out to dinner at a fancy restaurant...and in my opinion, better for you than any alcoholic beverage you will consume!  
And your "EVENING" outcome will be better too!  Obviously...
I was delighted to receive some samples of 

In fact, I was curious what my kids would think of their drinks too!
So our youngest daughter was my brave volunteer and she decided she wanted to taste the Mixed Berry one!  We poured, smelled (it smells very good) and taste tested the drink.  Her thoughts, "It's not something I would drink again."  But she didn't spit it out, either, so she didn't think it was bad.
I...on the other hand...really, REALLY ENJOYED IT!  So much so, that I opened the Citrus Twist one and cut up some fresh lemon and tangerine to enhance the flavor of the waters.  SO YUMMY!  These are definitely something I would enjoy with a meal or even after a hot workout session!  So refreshing!
You'll want to know where you can run out and buy some...right?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!