Friday, May 16, 2014

Fodeez - Display Your Family Pictures Proudly And Safetly...And Even Write On Them!

Most of the refrigerators in the USA display proudly pictures of our family!  Maybe they are nieces and nephews we rarely see (I have a couple of them), maybe they are announcements for a baby or wedding, maybe they are Christmas Card pictures or maybe they are simply pictures of your sweet babies!  But admit it!  You've at least got ONE picture hanging on your fridge!

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How are they displayed?  By a magnet?  Are they protected?  Is there a chance they could fall off and slide under the fridge, never to see daylight again, until your fridge is moved out?  

What if I could give you a more decorative, more adorable, and a reusable option too?
FODEEZ were made just for that purpose! 
You simply peel the acid free frame (that leaves no residue), stick it where you want it, put the picture inside and then push it back flush with the fridge surface!  It's that easy!  
Not only does FODEEZ protect your pictures from whatever your kitchen can throw at it (spaghetti sauce, exploding soda pops, etc.), but it also has a "DRY ERASE" surface, so you can make little notes, write a scripture to encourage or remind yourself of something important!
I LOVE THIS IDEA!!  Fodeez adhesive display frames can be used over and over again!  It works perfect for pictures that are 4x6 or smaller!  And I love that my pictures will be secured and covered when hanging on my fridge!!  And they have so many options, you will find just the right design, for just the right place to display it!

They can be used on the walls, on your laptop, and on any flat smooth surface!  

CLICK HERE to see all their adorable options and maybe you're photos will be displayed in Fodeez soon too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!