Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fresh Produce Is The Best...The Toils Of Our Labor

As you know, I've been keeping you updated on our "PLANT PROGRESS"...from the small garden we planted early this Spring!
Now...our green beans have actually grown BIG!  It's almost time to taste test these growing veggies!
Our "ONE" tomato (so far) is getting bigger and bigger...but is still very green!
Our raspberry plant actually has blossoms on it!  It's funny, because this was just a stick, when I planted it!  It had NO GREEN on it at all!  Gets me really excited to not only see the leaves growing, but also to see the green buds that will soon flower and then we'll have FRUIT!  I didn't expect we would actually have any this summer...but we just might!  YAY!  
Next year, we'll be busy picking these babies!  Plus, there's a blackberry plant too!  YUM!
And finally, we picked a head of lettuce!  
That's right!  We grew our very own head of ROMAINE and it was delicious!  We ate it, even without dressing...and the kids were so excited!  They gobbled it down!  YUM!  Nothing fresher than from the back patio!  LOVE IT!

So that's the update now! I hope you don't mind...this process has been really fun for me and the kids!  As we watch these plants grow and produce!