Saturday, May 10, 2014

Get Sentimental With Me - These Are The Reasons We Celebrate Mother's Day!

Since it's Mother's Day...tomorrow... I started getting sentimental tonight, about those "BABIES" that I have carried in my body (and close to my heart) and then labored for hours to deliver!   The reasons I get the JOY of celebrating Mother's Day at all! 
Here are a few pictures of me & those I learned to be (I'm honestly still learning) a mommy to each of these sweet little GIFTS FROM GOD!  
They say nothing compares to a Mother's Love!
And yes...there are at least three (one that was a single pregnancy...that I miscarried at about 6 weeks and two that didn't make it,because of disappearing twins syndrome pregnancies) babies that I will get to meet in heaven someday!
And then also, those babies that were covered in fur, who required me to sleep the first few nights near them, with a hand in their cage, potty trained them (and cleaned up their messes when they were still learning), fed them, loved on them (they are the best listeners and the best cuddlers) and taught tricks to them!  FOUR Fur babies who became a part of the family!  One of our fur babies (Sheba) had to be put down...long before her time (she was only 5), one had to be adopted by another family (Rico), when we moved cross country...and two (Jade & Trooper) are no longer in my care...but are still an active and loving part of my children's lives!

I'd say my LIFE has been pretty full of LOVE!
  Both by my human babies and my fur babies!  
What a HAPPY Mother's Day!