Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day makes me a little sappy!  
Why?  I have a wonderful mommy!  Who now is a fantastic Grandma too (I know my kids will agree with me)!
I got the pleasure of being her first born baby girl! 
Because of her a stay at home mommy...I always wanted to be a mommy like her too!   
And truly, what a blessing, that I was gifted & blessed with four of the most amazing, healthy and tender-hearted children and the ability to do that, for the beginning of their lives!  
Words cannot express how full my heart is...
I pray for each of you Mother's out there today!  

Being a mommy is not a simple or meaningless job!  It requires countless hours of hard work, complete dedication, sometimes shed tears and it means that you have to be on your A-Game around the clock, 24 hours a day.  Being a mommy means you have to be willing to clean up puke in the middle of the night, wipe a dirty bottom at beckon call and even wear clothes that may be covered in snot or dirty finger prints...because YOU LOVE those little people you are working for (mini-bosses...ha ha) as you're nurturing and helping them grow up in this crazy world!
But it's also the most REWARDING career a woman could ever ask GOD for and what a MIRACLE it really is! 
What other job rewards you with smiles of pure joy & love, hugs & kisses, and notes & random papers that were made just to make you smile too?
It's a career & calling that is more than a job, it is truly a GIFT...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my MOMMY and to all of you other MOMMIES out there too!  
May you feel as BLESSED as you truly are today!


Maureen said...

You are truly an "Awesome Mom" and I am proud of you!

I Love You and hope you had a Happy Mother's Day also.

With love,

Teri Turner said...

Happy Mother's Day dear friend. Glad it was a blessed day-

Teri Turner said...
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