Thursday, May 1, 2014

National Day Of Prayer - STOP...and PRAY

Today is a day that will probably be eliminated from the NATIONAL agenda soon...but until then, and even after, we must remember to PRAY for our Nation!   
This is SO important!
Pray for our president (no matter how much you agree or disagree with him)...his decisions are effecting each and every one of our lives!  He doesn't have an easy job...and really can use the prayer!

Pray for everyone in a decision making capacity in the government!  Pray that they are using sound minds when signing things that are put into practice for generations to come.

Pray for the judges in the courtrooms across the nation!  These decision makers effect people's lives daily in big and small ways!  Pray that they are able to see the TRUTH (that's why we take an OATH when we enter a courtroom, right?) in every situation.

Pray for families in America!  It seems, to me, that things really stem from HOME LIFE.  If things are healthy, peaceful and tranquil (in married, divorced or blended homes)...if morals and ethics are being taught...if children learn a healthy respect for authority and a passion to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...then maybe when they go out into the world, it will be a different place for the next generations!  
We should be praying for each other and praying with each other too!  Our kids learn from our example!
So take a moment today, since we are ALLOWED to...and even when we aren't...and PRAY!  
May GOD continue to protect and BLESS the USA!
And, may you feeling the blessings that come from a praying heart too!  
Everyone could use a little (or a lot) of prayer~