Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our Lemonade Stand - COME MAKE A DONATION @AlexsLemonade

So tonight...the kids & I were watching 19 Kids and Counting on Netflix and it was an episode where the Duggar family has a Lemonade Stand to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research.

Having been a person who was the FRONT DESK RECEPTIONIST at a Cancer Center, when I was 18 years old, I definitely have a major soft spot in my heart for those with cancer...especially small children who are fighting cancer. I met several small children in my time there, who touched my life in the deepest ways! 

I'm personally so very grateful for the health and well being of each of my kids, and my heart goes out to any parent who's child is diagnosed with CANCER...of any form.  I simply can't imagine...

So...the kids and I decided we would try a VIRTUAL "Alex's Lemonade Stand" and see if our little family could raise $500 (our goal) for Childhood Cancer Research too!  
Hey...if the Duggar's can do it, we can too...and I love these types of opportunities where the kids can get just as excited about the cause as I do!  They were excited to help me get everything set up and who knows...maybe we'll try an "IN PERSON" stand soon too!

I am not typically one to ASK FOR FINANCIAL support...but would be thrilled and honored if you would consider making a donation to our "virtual lemonade stand".  I know...I know...you won't actually reap the benefits of a real "in person" stand (and icy cold cup of sweetly sour lemonade)...but you will be donating money to an awesome cause!  

PLEASE (pretty please) CONSIDER and CLICK HERE if you are interested in learning more about this cause, seeing how we are doing in our RACE to our $500 goal...and perhaps donating a little from your family...to our family's efforts!  

THANKS IN ADVANCE and please feel free to share and spread the word to your friends and family too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about this fundraising opportunity our family has decided to participate in, to raise money for childhood cancer research.