Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Chores Are A MUST - Thanks Tolalu_com

With four kids and a FULL SUMMER ahead of us, Mommy's brain is already thinking ahead!  I have to plan out what activities we will do, how we will stay "CONSTRUCTIVELY" busy this summer and find ways to keep composure and positivism in the home.

These products were sent to me, through a $35 gift promo code & my own personal money to get the extra charts, for this review/feature!  I was not offered any MONETARY compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products or my experience with the company.

CHORES are something that I think every child should be responsible for when it's age appropriate.  Growing up, my sister and I had several things we HAD TO DO on a daily basis...and we didn't make a cent of allowance either...but I am so glad that my parents taught me to be responsible.

So this's a goal of mine to let go of some of my DUTIES (this might actually mean more work for me in the long run) and teach the kids how to do things...
That's where this review comes into play...because thanks to Tolalu...we are ready to roll this summer!
Our Personalized CHORE CHARTS arrived yesterday...the kids have been anxiously awaiting their arrival and I am beyond thrilled with the outcome.  The process of creating these is simple...only takes a few minutes on their website and then it's simply a wait for them to arrive.
I love that they are smiling now...because chances are, there will be points in the summer where their smiles will fade...but hopefully when they are adults, those smiles will return with a ,"THANK YOU MOM for teaching us how to do these things!"
So I found the perfect place on our dining room wall to hang them and we are SET!  They are "dry erase" wipeable and super durable (they look like they will hold up all summer long), so I can change things up when necessary or add/take away.  These charts did not come with a pen to mark on them only suggestion to the company (that might be a nice addition to the product), but I can pick some up at the DollarTree for a buck and we'll be all set!  The kids can get some pleasure out of checking off their completed tasks throughout the day...and week...and yes, there will be some incentive at the end of the summer for a JOB WELL DONE (hopefully that's the case).

Honestly, I am super impressed with the quality of these Chore Charts and I love that they have pictures of the kids on them & their names (that I obviously blacked out for privacy reasons)...because it's easy to see, even from far away, who has done their work for the day...or not!  They will have own the fruits of their labor!

Tolalu has a ton of awesome products, that mostly can be personalized for your kids, family and even friends (this type of thing makes perfect presents).  They have calendars, growth charts, notebooks, bookmarks and so much stuff!  You'll love their website and it's very user friendly too!
CLICK HERE and have a look around!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was offered a $35 gift code to use specifically on their website to pick out products I wanted to do for this review/feature!  I also spent my own money to get the remainder of chore charts, so our children each had their own!