Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Reason To Celebrate - They Survived A Year Already! Now For Responsibilities...

The time has flown by...or has it?  

We adopted two Dwarf Hamsters last year and despite the fact that MOMMY seems to be the one who keeps them clean (otherwise the house starts smelling), fed and watered...they survived a WHOLE year in our lives so far!   AWESOME!
We have had a couple bites (I'd bite too if I haven't been played with for weeks), a few times they have escaped their cages & have gone missing and we have shared a few giggles too, because they are pretty darn cute!
This of the girl's responsibilities is taking care & playing with them!  That means mommy is off the "HOOK" for the cleaning and feeding!  If they don't do it...we will be finding "adoptive" families to care for our little furry friends.  So far, they have had some daily activity outside of their cages (which makes for a much happier little pet) and they have been handled (which means they are far less aggressive and mean).  Maybe this summer will be a turning point for their RELATIONSHIPS with their hamsters.  I'd be okay with that!  
And's FREE ENTERTAINMENT and I am all about that right now!

So help me with our little Hamsters "Rhino & Toby" a Happy 1 Year Anniversary in joining our little family!