Sunday, June 8, 2014

All Red, Ripe, Juicy And Knee High Before The 4th Of July...

Are you anticipating an update on our "back patio" garden?  
Wanna know how things are GROWING?
Our tomato plant has gotten HUGE!  It's obviously very happy where it's growing!  Not only that, but the one tomato we have been watching, waiting and anxiously hoping for it to change colors, has finally gotten a suntan and is a fabulous red.  YUM!  Nothing like a home grown "Beefsteak Tomato"!  I can't wait to slice into this baby and enjoy it with a little salt, pepper and a smile on my face!  
And good news...there are at least three more babies growing to replace this one when we eat it!  YIPPEE!
Our beets are growing too!  Not sure exactly how I am supposed to tell when they are ready to be pulled up (anyone want to offer their expertise?)...but I have really been enjoying watching them grown from seed.
Our squash plant...the replacement one (we planted as seed) to the one I originally purchased (that was eaten completely up by bugs) actually has a bloom on it!  The plant is healthy, growing and soon to produce some yummy zucchini for our dinner some night in the upcoming months!  Can't wait!
Finally...isn't the saying "Knee High by the 4th of July"?  It's early June and already this corn is up to my knee...but I am petite too.  I've got a good feeling that we might actually get at least one head of corn from the seeds we planted!  I can't wait to see it!  So much fun!

 This garden keeps growing and my excitement & thankfulness for this experience, is growing daily too!  Who knew that growing a garden would bring peace, tranquility and give us (the kids and I) a chance to nourish some baby plants (or seeds) and watch them grow. 
We have been having a blast checking up on things everyday!