Monday, June 2, 2014

Angry Bird Vitamins by Natrol - YES PLEASE!

Vitamins!  I give them to our kids!  Why?  It seems to me that actually, we have been healthier this past year and a half, than in the year's past (so thankful)...and I do chalk a lot of that up to vitamins!  I've done the best I can to make sure to give the kids their's before we head out the door every morning!  Our oldest daughter has managed to avoid getting pneumonia this year (which is huge...because for the past several years she's gotten it at least once), etc.  
Whether or not this is what has kept us's worth it to me to keep giving them to them.

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Do you give your kids vitamins?
We got the pleasure of trying out Natrol's Angry Birds Vitamins and my kids were excited to try them out!
I mean, come on...everyone loves Angry Birds and mommies love vitamins that their kids will actually take without combining the two is the perfect mix in my opinion!
The ANGRY BIRDS VITAMIN GUMMIES were a little bit harder and chewier than other gummy vitamins I've given the kids...but they didn't seem to mind!  They gobbled them down with no issues or whines!  The thing I've learned about gummy vitamins too...word to the to have your kids take these and then brush their teeth!  
The ANGRY BIRDS KID'S VITAMIN CHEW were more like sweet tarts in taste and form.  They were crunchier, and did taste an awful lot like sweet tart candies! Honestly, the kids liked the gummy vitamins better...but didn't mind these either!   The best part of these ones?  They came with a collectible angry bird prize!  Our youngest son is excited to put this on his backpack!

Natrol has vitamins for the entire family!
  CLICK HERE to check it out!  
Maybe some Angry Bird vitamins will be a daily "special" thing for your kids too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!