Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big...Bigger...Biggest - Which Plant Has Grown The Most?

Our backyard gardening project this Spring/Summer has really been so much fun!  Who knew planting a garden would be so therapeutic?  We've planted seeds and watched them grow!  Of course, it's taken some time...some dedication to watering and nurturing...but it's truly a prize to see HOW BIG our plants are me & the kids!
Our Zucchini Plant is HUGE!  Seriously...I am amazed that such a big plant could come from such a small seed.  The kids are even more in awe.  Can't wait till we have some squash growing...that's going to make me even more excited!  And better yet...getting to saute some for dinner...on a summer night...will taste even sweeter!
Our corn...has past the KNEE HIGH the middle of June!  WOOHOO!  Who knows if it's actually going to be edible...but we are having a blast watching it get taller and taller.
Our tomato plant is also, very happy where it's planted.  Despite the fact that we only have "EATEN" one red ripe juicy beefy tomato from the plant...there are lots of little green ones growing and the plant itself is SO BIG!  We'll have quite the tomato harvest this summer!  SO DELIGHTED!

So now the kids are having a competition to see which plant will be the BIGGEST by the end of summer!  I love a good let the growing games continue!