Wednesday, June 11, 2014

@BudsiesToys - My Boys Artwork...In Stuffed Animal Form = AWESOMENESS! #BestGiftEver

Children create lots of artwork!!  Some of their drawings and colorings...are amazing, and there is really no way to cherish them...except to put them in a picture frame.  Some of their drawings are so cool or hilariously funny, they would make awesome "plush toys"...but how in the world can someone pull that SPECIAL TREAT off?

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Budsies can!  Honestly, when I was contacted by them, I was sceptical...that they could take my boys one dimensional drawings and bring them to "LIFE" in a plush huggable form.
The boys both sketched pictures of what they wanted to see "come to life" and we submitted the drawing!  It's The Cupcake King and Leo the Lion.
That's when the Budsies Toys company went to work...finding fabric, sewing pieces and creating my boys fabulous drawings into the most AMAZING PLUSH TOYS ever!  
Seriously BLOWN AWAY with the finished product! 
We about fell over (out of pure excitement) when we pulled them out of the box.  They have been literally checking everyday to see if these arrived and today was finally THE DAY!  Our oldest son's Leo the Lion was amazing!  Not only is it made out of fabulously soft fabrics (which we love)...but it's almost, to the upside down heart tail, just like his drawing...only 3 dimensional and totally huggable and squeezable!  He hasn't left his side since he arrived!
Same thing with our youngest son's drawing!  I blacked out his name (for personal purposes), but it's even embroidered on the front with is name in his writing!  I also was delighted that they didn't make his "The Cupcake King" small...this is truly an AMAZING generous sized toy and is fabulously constructed to last for years to come!  He's already sleeping with it tonight...HE LOVES IT!
I know lots of parents & grandparents, who have come across artwork their kids have created and thought, "that would make fabulous or hilarious toys for them to play with and keep...and even pass down to their kids someday!"  Did some particular artwork already come into your mind?  

CLICK HERE to learn how you can make your child's artwork "TRULY" come to life...into a plush creation that they will hug, squeeze and love forever!

My boys LOVE their new Budsies!

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Maureen said...

Awe,so cute! They did an awesome job! Love it!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing!!! I can't stop looking at them!