Sunday, June 22, 2014

Do Your Kids Like Chocolate Syrup? Make Your Own...At Home...For Less!

I'm on a FRUGAL LIVING kick right now (though I typically am pretty frugal by nature) circumstances have CAUSED me to be extremely tight with what little money I have.  Because of that, I am learning to be even more creative than normal, especially since it's summer and the kids are home all day, to find ways to adapt to a much, much cheaper lifestyle.  
That's for both things to do and things to eat, for me and the kids!
I wanted to treat my kids to a dessert tonight, that would cool us off (yes...conserving electricity is a must right now too) and treat our sweet tooths as well.  Since our fridge is almost bare of things that are NOT NEEDS...I was delighted to find a recipe on for homemade chocolate syrup (like the stuff in the HERSHEY's bottle at the store).

CLICK HERE to see the recipe...

It's really quick, takes only a few ingredients and turns out FABULOUSLY!  In fact, our daughter, who is EXTREMELY picky about her chocolate syrup...loves it! made quite a bit.  I followed the recipe and we re-used a couple squeeze bottles to store it in...and gotta a full bottle and half.  WOOHOO!  That should last us awhile!

So tonight, we will have chocolate milkshakes (made with ice cubes instead of ice cream) with our newly homemade chocolate syrup.  AWESOMENESS!!  Gotta love the benefits of the internet...and other people who have to live frugal too.  I'm thankful I was able to whip this up with things I had already in my pantry...and now we can enjoy it's benefits for more than just one evening dessert.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting about this recipe I used on my own accord to save our family $$ and enjoy a sweet treat!