Monday, June 9, 2014

He Makes Me So PROUD!! Working Hard Pays Off!

Our oldest son, who happens to be one of the sweetest guys you'll meet, has struggled in school.  He works harder than most kids, because learning hasn't come easy for him. Thankfully, the schools caught his learning issues early on, addressed them and have been working with him...and they have been wonderful about helping our son as he grows and matures, offering & supporting him with a proactive IEP! 

This year was his first year in middle school...which as most of you a huge transition year for all kids...and we also have gone through some major "family" changes in the past year and a half too.  Lots of big LIFE HAPPENINGS for this guy in this past year!
Today I received one of the BEST e-mails that I've received over the course of the past couple simply states that he NO LONGER needs an IEP.  
He has met his goals early and does not qualify for SPECIAL EDUCATION help next year!  



His "SPECIAL" teacher (this year) said that he is an amazing young man and that it was HER PLEASURE working with him this year!  I thank the GOOD LORD for this blessing and the sweet teachers, who have helped him along the way!  I am so thankful that we caught him up and he'll be set to start 7th grade on target with all the other 7th graders (with no special help needed), and hopefully will remain on target for the remainder of his Middle School and High School career!  

I'll be cheering, supporting and encouraging him the whole way through...his future is and always will be BIG & BRIGHT!