Monday, June 23, 2014

I SPY - Fresh Veggies

Have you ever played "I SPY"?  
The kids and I are getting "CREATIVE" with ways we can PLAY together...not spend any money...and enjoy the perks of our place!  We really love (and we are so thankful for) where we are living right now!  

Today...we played "I SPY" with our plants and guess what we found?
Our first little zucchini is formed and growing!  YIPPEE!
A fresh, red, ripe strawberry.  They are getting bigger now that the plants are maturing!  AWESOME!
A tomato.  It may look small...but it's just the angle of the picture, this is going to be one "FAT" juicy red tomato when it's ripe!  I can't wait!

Can I suggest you play a game of "I SPY" with your kids today.  Maybe not in the garden...maybe you can play it on a nature walk around the neighborhood.  Maybe you can play it at the park?  Be creative and remember...having fun doesn't have to cost a lot of money...thank goodness!